KTC Comfortline revolving doors

A range of automatic revolving doors suitable for installation in emergency exit and escape routes. Door leaves can be broken out and folded to an escape configuration. Alternative summer opening configurations are possible.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_04 Automatic revolving doorsetsPrimary


L20/495 Automatic revolving doors

Specification data - Automatic revolving doorsets

Product Reference


2 wing, without showcases.


2 wing, with showcases.


3 wing, without showcase.


3 wing, with centre showcase.


4 wing, without showcase.


4 wing, with curved glazed centre showcase.


4 wing, with straight glazed centre showcase.


3600 mm

4200 mm

4800 mm

5400 mm

Not KTC-2 models.

6000 mm

KTC-3 models only.

6200 mm

KTC-4 models only.

Clear passage height

2200 mm

___ mm

Canopy height

___ mm

410–700 mm.

Drum walls

Laminated safety glass, clear

Metal panelling

Material/ Surface finish

Aluminium, anodized; colour: ___

Brass; mill bright, MS 63

PU-coated; RAL ___

Stainless steel, grade 1.4301, 240 grit

Stainless steel, grade 1.4301, polished

Movement detectors

Integrated PIR

Surface mounted radar

Accessories/ Other requirements


See Options.

Emergency power supply module

Floor mat

Floor ring

Midrail in door wings

Midrail in glazed side walls

Night shield, internal, electrically operated, laminated safety glass

Maximum diameter 4800 mm.

Night shield, internal, electrically operated, metal panelling

Maximum diameter 4800 mm.

Night shield, external, manual, laminated safety glass panels

Night shield, external, manual, metal panelling

Night shield, internal, manual, laminated safety glass panels

Night shield, internal, manual, metal panelling

Night shield locking, electrical

Night shield locking, mechanical

Prepared for rainproof roof

Wind brake

Wing locking, electrical

Wing locking, mechanical

Standard product features

  • Canopy integral drive unit.
  • Program switch settings: Automatic 1 – Door starts and stops automatically; Automatic 2 – Door rotates continuously at low speed and accelerates to walking speed when user is detected.
  • Speed reduction feature for disabled access use.

Product Options

Consult DORMA UK for full details of options available.

Clear passage height:

  • For inside diameters up to and including 4800 mm: 2200–2500 mm.
  • For inside diameters over 4800 mm: 2200 mm.


  • Downlights are supplied as standard: four with KTC-2 models, six with KTC-3 models, eight with KTC-4 models. Insert number of additional units required.

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