KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is a reinforcing fabric for reinforcing coatings e. g. made of KÖSTER KBE Liquid Film, KÖSTER NB 4000, KÖSTER Bikuthan 1C and 2C, KÖSTER Deuxan 1C and 2C. The application of KÖSTER Glass Fibre Mesh is predominantly necessary on areas which are exposed to pressurized water and which are in danger of cracking as well as on connections, transitions and fillets.


Features and Benefits:

  • High tear resistance.
  • Resistant to relocation.
  • Plasticizer-free.
  • Resistant to alkalis.

General information



Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_34 Glass fibre mesh reinforcementPrimary


J30/240 Reinforcement

Specification data - Glass fibre mesh reinforcement Enhanced data

Mesh size

6 x 7mm.