KOLOSS Automatic Arm Barrier

The heavy duty KOLOSS Automatic Arm Barrier is the biggest system in Autopa range, with booms available up to 12 m in length. It is built to control access for industrial areas and other wide driveways and entrances. It is compatible with a variety of different control mechanisms including remote controls, keypads and swipe cards. Manufactured from high quality aluminium, the system has an IP44 protection rating, which gives the system a long lifespan and shows how cost effective the system is. Manual override handles are included in case of power failure or for manual operation. Additional manual override switches can be added to programme the barrier allowing it to remain in the open or closed positions. Suspension cables are included to ensure that the boom does not sway in high wind speeds.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_59_72 Rising arm vehicular barriersPrimary


Q41/190 Vehicle access point barriers

Specification data - Rising arm vehicular barriers

Product Reference

138 105 060

KOLOSS 6 m (6 m arm barrier); weight: 415 kg.

138 105 070

KOLOSS 9 m (9 m arm barrier); weight: 430 kg.

138 105 080

KOLOSS 12 m (12 m arm barrier); weight: 465 kg.



138 105 060

6 m replacement boom; weight: 27.0 kg.

138 105 070

9 m replacement boom; weight: 58.0 kg.

138 105 080

12 m replacement boom; weight: 71.5 kg.

138 105 933

Catch post stabilization cable.

138 106 151

Magnetic lock catch cost.

Standard product features

Housing dimensions (l x w x h):

720 x 656 x 1250 mm.

Power supply:

230 V/ 50 Hz or 115 V/ 60 Hz.

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