Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud: Independent 'I' Stud Lining IWLC4/08

Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud: Independent 'I' Stud Lining IWLC4/08


Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud is a fully independent wall lining system.

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Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud is a fully independent wall lining system that can be used in all building types to upgrade the acoustic, fire and thermal performance of an existing masonry wall and to deal with any irregularities.

Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud is particularly suited where it is important to avoid damaging or fixing back to the original wall and when a fire rating is required.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be fire rated up to 90 minutes, with the inclusion of steel cladding system.
  • No limit to stand off distance.
  • As easy to install as a dry wall partition.

All Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud systems utilise high quality, purpose designed Knauf Plasterboards, Knauf Studs and Channels and Knauf Accessories. These components are carefully matched to realise the performances detailed below and are tested together as a whole system. Using genuine Knauf components throughout will ensure the Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud system is fully covered by the performance warranty.

To be installed in accordance with Knauf’s recommendations and British Standards BS 8212-1995 and BS 8000-8:1994.

For fire rated walls – socket penetrations, use Knauf Putty Pads.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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K10/155 Wall lining system (metal studs)

Specification data - Gypsum board wall lining systems

Product Reference

Knauf Independent 'I' Stud: Independent 'I' Stud Lining IWLC4/08



Stud configuration

70 mm Knauf 'I' stud, 0.55 gauge

70 mm Knauf 'I' stud, 0.7 gauge


70 mm Knauf 'I' stud, 0.9 gauge

Framing centres

300 mm

400 mm

For areas to receive a ceramic tiled finish.

600 mm


Head/ Floor channel

72 mm Knauf ‘U’ Channel

Utilising 72 mm Knauf Deep Flange 'U' Channel if deflection allowance is specified.


Knauf Nailable plugs at maximum 600 mm centres

Where alternative fixings are used to meet performance constraint confirmation is required from supplier.




Two layers of 12.5 mm Knauf Wallboard to one side

Horizontal board joints

Knauf Flat Fixing Plate

Lining fixings

Knauf Drywall Screws

Knauf Performance Plus Screws

To be used with Knauf Performance Plus and Knauf Soundshield Plus Boards.

Perimeter Sealing

Two continuous beads of Knauf Sealant on Head/ Floor Channels

Knauf Intumescent and Acoustic Mastic


25 mm Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll

50 mm Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll

Not required

Head condition

Structural soffit

Deflection allowance

To be determined by a structural engineer. Consult manufacturer for information.

Head track fillets

Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Head insulation detail


Not required


Taped and Jointed for a Seamless finish using Knauf Jointing Products

Taped and skimmed with Knauf Finishing Plaster

Knauf RMF [Ready Mixed Finishing] in accordance with General clauses

Standard product features

Fire resistance (BS 476: Part 22: 1987):

60 minutes (including external steel cladding).

Maximum partition height (based on limiting deflection of L/240 at 200 Pa):

4300 mm.

Duty rating (BS 5234: Part 2: 1992 section 1.6.2 and 1.6.3):


Product Options


- Stud configuration:

To suit maximum height, consult manufacturer. Reduce stud centres to 400 mm maximum for areas to receive a ceramic tiled finish when using Knauf Plasterboard.

Head insulation detail:

Knauf Earthwool Building Slab Insulation RS60 retained by Knauf 25 x 50 mm angle sections at head of partition.

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