Knauf AMF Armstrong Metal Lay-In

Used in a variety of ceiling areas – from small services to large commercial office buildings and major transportation terminals.


A metal infill unit system offering standard metal solutions in a wide range of square and rectangular contemporary look ceiling panels. Configurable metal solutions provide versatile shapes and dimensions, with RAL colour selections to meet project-specific design needs. The product offers a wide range of acoustic pad solutions in a variety of types, thicknesses and densities.

Features and benefits:

  • Diverse design and application.
  • Easily assembled and fully demountable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Tiles are easily lifted out by hand, allowing full and easy access to the ceiling void.
  • Lay-in system is fast and easy to install in a standard Donn® grid.
  • Perimeter trims available.

General information








Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_93_13_51 Metal infill unitsPrimary


K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

Specification data - Metal infill units Enhanced data



Unit size

300 x 1200 mm.

Metal Tegular 8, Microlook 8.

500 x 500 mm.

Metal Tegular 8, Metal Tegular 16, Microlook 8, Microlook 16.

600 x 600 mm.

Metal Lay-In Board, Metal Tegular 8, Metal Tegular 11F, Microlook 8.

600 x 1200 mm.

Metal Lay-In Board, Metal Tegular 8, Metal Tegular 11F, Microlook 8.

625 x 625 mm.

Metal Tegular 11F.

675 x 675 mm.

Metal Tegular 8, Metal Tegular 16, Microlook 16.

750 x 750 mm.

Metal Tegular 16, Microlook 8, Microlook 16.

Surface pattern


Ultra Micro perforation Rg 0501.

Extra Micro perforation Rg 0701.

Micro perforation Rd 1522.

Standard Perforation Rg 2516.

Factory finish





RAL colours available to meet the project-specific design needs.

Edge profile

Manufacturer's standard.

With perimeter trims.

Product Reference

Knauf AMF Armstrong Metal Lay-In


Metal Lay-In Board.

Metal Tegular 2.

Metal Tegular 8.

Metal Tegular 11F.

Metal Tegular 16.

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Acoustic infills

No Infill.

Acoustic Fleece.

Premium B15.

Premium OP19.

Fire safety

Unperforated/ Perforated + no infill A1.

Perforated + Premium B15: Class A2-s1, d0.

Perforated + Acoustic Fleece: A2-s2,d0.

Perforated + Premium OP19: A2-s2,d0.

Light reflectance

Unperforated: 85%; Rg 0501: 83%; Rg 0701: 80%; Rg 2516: 70%; Rd 1522: 65%.


0.6 mm thick: 5.5–6.0 kg/m².

0.7 mm thick: 4.5–5.0 kg/m².


Donn® DXB 24 Butt Cut System C.

Donn® DX24 System C.

Donn® DX15 System C.

Donn® DXB 15 Butt Cut system C.

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