Kinetics RIM

An isolation system for concrete and timber floating floors subject to high loads, such as those in mixed use developments, leisure facilities, bowling alleys, dance studios, hotels and cinemas.

Kinetics RIM consists of Kinetics Isolation Pads (KIPs) embedded in glass fibre mat. The pads isolate the floor from the substrate, while the glass fibre mat keeps the pads in place and forms an absorptive air space. The spacing of the pads can be adjusted to match the load bearing requirements of each application.

Kinetics Isolation Pads are formed from a high density matrix of compressed, moulded glass fibre, coated with a flexible, impervious elastomeric membrane. The pumping action of air between the fibres provides viscous damping, reducing motion caused by transient shock and vibration. A range of densities and spring rates are available.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_20_70_70 Raised access floor systemsPrimary


K11/295 Floating floor system

M10/290 Floating construction

Specification data - Raised access floor systems

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Kinetics RIM


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