Kemperol BR

Kemperol BR

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Waterproofing and wearing course systems for parking decks and general structure.

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A reinforced polyester resin waterproofing system designed for parking decks and has extremely good compatibility with most substrates. It is cold liquid-applied and rain resistant in 30 minutes. Structural details are protected without additional flashings or other mechanical fixings. A range of coloured quartz aggregates is available.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_17 Cold-applied polymer-modified bitumen waterproof coatingsPrimary


J31/110 Cold deck roof coating

J31/5 Cold deck roof coating

Specification data - Cold-applied polymer-modified bitumen waterproof coatings

Product Reference

Kemperol BR

Coating application

1 layer

For Load Groups I and III.

2 layers

For Load Group II.


Kemperol Fleece 200

Minimum dry film thickness

2 mm per waterproofing layer

Standard product features

Kemperol BR may only be applied by specially trained applicators.

Product Options

Application according to use:

Load Group I:

  • Pedestrian and traffic with soft tyres and occasional or light traffic such as fork-lift trucks and carts. Parking spaces in private housing, in personnel areas of administration and trade sectors with permanent parking spaces and infrequent use, and inside parking spaces.

– Application: Single layer of Kemperol BR waterproofing.

Load Group II:

  • Pedestrian and medium traffic, traffic with soft tyres, 6 kN axle load with changing loads. Customer parking spaces, deliveries at fairly frequent intervals and heavy pedestrian traffic.

– Application: Double layer of Kemperol BR waterproofing.

Load Group III:

  • Heavy pedestrian traffic including people masses, traffic with soft tyres and approximate 50 kN axle load with increased traffic load and heavy goods vehicles. Setting down and rolling heavy goods and loads with rolling and rubbing motion; subjected to impact and shock. These applications require a wearing surface composed of bituminous mastic concrete or paving stones - a Structural Engineer will be required to assess the roof constructions for these applications.

– Application: Single layer of Kemperol BR waterproofing and surface protection of:

  • Paving stones on gravel filter layer on drainage system, or
  • Asphalt on red sand carpet.

Coating protection:

Sprinkle kiln-dried colour quartz, grain size: 0.4–0.8 mm, into wet waterproofing layer and allow to dry. Seal surface with Kemperol EP Sealer.


  • Coesol Impragnat: Impregnation agent for brickwork.
  • Coetrans Transparent: Elastomeric transparent polyurethane coating for glazed areas e.g. roof lights.
  • Kemperol Activator.
  • Kemperol MEK Cleaning Agent.
  • Kemperol Inhibitor.
  • Kemperol Primers.
  • Kemperol Reinforcement Fleece: AP, 165, 200.
  • Kemperol Reinforcement Foil Reinforcement strip.

Third party certifications
  • 99/3598
  • European Technical Approval (ETA): Certificate: 03/0026
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