Kellen Breccia/Lavaro/Liscio/CERO Paving


Concrete paving with natural stone surface, from the Kellen collection. These products are designed as a flexible alternative to traditional hard landscaping products. Traditionally laid by hand, or in larger projects a handheld vacuum lifter can be used. Also available in CERO, a carbon friendly range which cuts production carbon emissions by around 50%. Consult manufacturer for further details.

Also available in CERO, Hardscape Product's carbon-friendly range which cuts production carbon emissions of almost 50%. Consult manufacturer for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Natural stone aggregate top layer.
  • High quality.
  • Good ratings for freeze-thaw damage and wear, size tolerance, and strength.
  • Sustainable.
  • Can be combined with other finishes in the collection to highlight design features.
  • Available in a variety of textures, finishes, colours and sizes.


  • 100% natural stone coating.
  • Four grain sizes of aggregate to create a 'seamless' surface, free from sand and pigments.
  • Extremely durable, less prone to general fading.
  • No colour pigments.
  • Etched with high water pressure.

Lavaro/ Lavaro Flags:

  • 70% natural stone coating. A small amount of UV pigment is used to enhance the colour of the remaining 30%.
  • Single aggregate grain size.
  • Suitable for public spaces where durability and appearance are a priority.
  • Etched with high water pressure.


  • 100% natural stone coating.
  • Slip resistant flat surface, making this product suitable for use in commercial areas.
  • Four aggregate grain sizes.
  • No colour pigments.
  • Premium ground finish.


  • CE marked.
  • Hardscape practice the ethical transparency framework of the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) – consult manufacturer for further information.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 production and environment quality management systems.
  • Certified to standards BS EN 1338, BS EN 1339 and BS EN 1340.

General information


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_19 Concrete paversPrimary
Pr_25_93_60_19 Concrete paversPrimary


Q24/10 Conventional concrete block paving

Q24/110 Conventional concrete block paving

Q25/315 Concrete flags

Specification data - Concrete pavers

Product Reference





See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Colour/ Finish

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


Not required

Kerb/ Edging system

Produced in the Lavaro finish. See 'Options' below and insert colour, type and size requirements.


See 'Options' below, and insert colour and size requirements.

Product Options


  • Breccia, Lavaro and Liscio Paving: 50–1000 mm width, 100–1000 mm length.
  • Lavaro Flags: 150–500 mm width, 200–600 mm length.


  • Breccia, Lavaro and Liscio Paving: 62–145 mm.
  • Lavaro Flags: 45–80 mm.

Colour/ Finish:

  • Breccia: Nero, Grigio, Marrone, Rosso, Alpi, Cottrio, Bianco, Tagenta A, Tagenta B, Tagenta C, Tagenta D, Tagenta E, Giallo, Ambrogio, Nerosso Argento, Nemaro Argento, Nero Carborundum, Borgia Argento.
  • Lavaro: Grijs, Zwart, Geel Bruin Genuenceered, Groen, Rood, Paars, Oranje, Geel/ Zwart mix, Rood/ Zwart mix, Havanna Bruin, Grjis/ Rood mix, Zwart/ Grjis 113, Geel, Geel/ Bruin mix, Retro Zwart, Retro Paars, Retro Geel, Wit, Retro Rood.
  • Lavaro Flag Range: Grjis 408, Grjis 402, Grjis 507, Zwart 406, Zwart 407, Zwart 131, Zwart 411, Zwart 511, Zwart 509, Wit 540, Wit 529, Groen/ Zwart 418, Grjis 412, Grjis 530, Geel 413, Geel 553, Grjis 531, Grjis 549, Zwart 815, Rood 425, Zwart 410, Zwart/ Grigio 20, Rood 527.
  • Liscio: Gialpi, Giallo, Marrone, Krypronite, Negri, Perla, Pietra, Nero, Grigio, Bianco, Tagenta A, Tagenta D, Ambrogio, Alpi, Cottrio, Tagenta B, Tagenta E, Tagenta C.


- Kerb/ Edging system:

  • Various colours available including Zwart/ Grigio 20, Wit 705, Zwart 704, Wit 701, Bont 703, Zwart/ Groen 701, Grijs 712, Zwart 701, GIG, Havana Bruin.
  • Available in a variety of types and sizes. Consult manufacturer's literature for information.

- Steps:

  • Various colours available including Bont 703, Wit 701, Wit 705, Zwart/ Groen 701, GIG, Grjis 712, Zwart 704, Zwart/ Grigio 20, Zwart 701, Havana Bruin.
  • Available in various sizes. Consult manufacturer's literature for information.

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