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KEE20HR NuDisc® Sewage Treatment Plant


Suitable for all off-mains drainage applications including camping and caravan sites, pubs, hotels, golf courses, residential developments and industrial applications.

Systems can be configured for:

  • BOD removal.
  • Nitrification.
  • De-nitrification.
  • Ortho-Phosphorus removal.
  • Combination of the above.
  • Wastewater re-use or irrigation.
  • Disinfection.


A self contained treatment system suitable for medium to high effluent flowsin a single piece configuration.


Central to the operation of each NuDisc system is the Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC). This stage is divided into two specific zones: anoxic reactor and aerobic reactor. The KEE NuDisc system, includes the primary settlement tank, the RBC and the final settlement tank, which are housed in a single GRP tank and arranged in such a way that flow attenuation becomes an integral part of every plant.

Features and benefits:

  • KEE lifetime warranty available on all newly installed units with KEE 'Elite' service and maintenance package.
  • Self contained treatment system suitable for medium to high effluent flows in a single piece configuration.
  • Capable of producing effluent with BOD <5 mg/L, Ammonical nitrogen <1 mg/L and Phosphorus as PO⁴-P >1 mg/L.
  • Can be designed and built in a variety of sizes and media specifications to match incoming flow rate requirements and discharge quality consents.
  • Fabricated lightweight, tough and corrosion resistant glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP).
  • 'Plug & Play' system.
  • Substrate and flow balancing.
  • Compact unit offering space efficiencies when land is premium.
  • Mechanical / electrical components selected on a 100,000 hour L10 design life.
  • 30 year design life on all structural components.
  • Virtually silent and odour free.
  • Stable and reliable 'fixed film' process ensuring consistent performance.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Nutrient removal can be included from the onset or retrofitted to existing plants.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Simple to operate and maintain.
  • Handles and maintains performance during peak flow conditions.
  • Enclosed design minimises and fly and insect nuisance and offers weather protection.
  • New, improved final settlement chamber with sludge return system.
  • NuDisc® R incorporates an additional option of a built-in or modular Biological territory filter.
  • Sleek, lightweight GRP covers sections sections give easy access for maintenance.
  • Total sludge free system available on request.

General information



Glass fibre reinforced polyester.


8020 mm


2590 mm



Lifetime with KEE 'Elite' Service Contract.


Pr_70_55_76_66 Private packaged sewage treatment unitsPrimary
Ss_50_70_05_24 Below-ground drainage packaged sewage treatment systems


R12/231 Design – private packaged sewage treatment systems

R12/135 Private packaged pumping stations and pressure pipeline system

R12/130 Private packaged sewage treatment system

R18/310 Package pumping stations

Specification data - Private packaged sewage treatment units Enhanced data

Tank material

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP).

Glass fibre reinforced polyester.


2590 mm.


8020 mm.

Invert depth

Inlet invert depth.

900 mm.

Channel invert depth

Outlet invert depth.

1095 mm.


Depth below ground level.

2645 mm.


3025 mm.


Empty weight approx.

3700 kg.


Geared motor rating.

0.37 kW.


Sludge return pump rating.

1.2 kW.


Inlet pipe.

160 mm.


Outlet pipe.

160 mm.


Concrete slab.


Sewage Treatment Plant - KEE NuDisc RBC Technology

Sewage Treatment Plant - KEE NuDisc RBC Technology

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