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Kaiflex ST Selfseal Tubes

Kaiflex ST Selfseal Tubes

Kaimann Insulation UK

Flexible closed cell rubber pipe insulation.  High emissivity surface finish and in-built water vapour barrier.  Supplied pre-slit along the seam with self-adhesive strips for sealing.

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Flexible closed cell rubber insulation, Kaiflex ST reliably prevents against condensation and reduces energy loss.  With a water vapour barrier incorporated into the insulation cell structure Kaiflex ST retains thermal performance over the entire life of the system.

Kaiflex ST selfseal tubes are 2 m long and are supplied pre-slit with a pair of matching self-adhesive strips along the seam.

In addition to preventing condensation and saving energy, Kaiflex ST also performs an acoustic function.  With inherent anti-microbial resistance as standard and a Class O fire rated rubber that is dust and fibre free, Kaiflex ST can be used in any kind of public, commercial or industrial building.


  • Closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier.
  • Inherently resistant to corrosion.
  • Inherent resistance to microbial growth.
  • Ease of application reduces cost and time of installation.

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Closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier; Inherently resistant to corrosion; Inherent resistance to microbial growth; Fast & streamlined application process


Elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber. Flexible Elastomeric Foam (FEF) in acc. to EN 14304


25 x 2000 mm

29 x 2000 mm

35 x 2000 mm

41 x 2000 mm

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