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Kaiflex RT (ST)

Kaiflex RT (ST)

Kaimann Insulation UK

Load bearing pipe supports with compression resistant foam embedded within closed cell water vapour resistant insulation.  Designed to reduce the risk of thermal bridging and pipe corrosion.

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Insulated load bearing pipe sections that are vapour sealed and resistant to compression, Kaiflex RT-ST prevents condensation, corrosion and energy loss at critical points.

Kaiflex RT-ST consists of high density, compression resistant, PIR foam sections combined with water vapour resistant Kaiflex ST insulation and a protective outer shell covering.  Load bearing pipe clamps that would tear or compress standard insulation tubes can be applied directly around Kaiflex RT-ST sections.

Fully compatible with all other Kaiflex products, Kaiflex RT-ST sections feature an interlocking design and represent a durable, flexible and visually attractive solution that prevents avoidable energy loss and helps to keep pipework free of corrosion.

  • Prevents condensation & corrosion at pipe supports.
  • Restricts thermal bridging.
  • Load bearing without compression.

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Prevents condensation & corrosion at pipe supports; Restricts thermal bridging; Load bearing without compression


Two PIR bearing segments, embedded in elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber


32 x 50 mm

25 x 50 mm

19 x 50 mm

13 x 50 mm

9 x 50 mm

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Pr_80_77_76_47 Loadbearing pipeline support insulationPrimary
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