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Kaiflex EPDMplus Tubes - Rubber pipe insulation

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Kaimann Insulation UK

Flexible closed cell rubber pipe insulation suitable for outdoor use and for solar thermal pipework. High emissivity surface and in-built vapour barrier minimizes thickness for condensation control.

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Durable UV resistant rubber insulation for higher temperatures, Kaiflex EPDMplus is an insulation material with a closed cell structure that provides an inherent water vapour barrier and ensures Kaiflex EPDMplus can be used to prevent condensation and pipe corrosion.

Resisting temperature of up to 150°C makes Kaiflex EPDMplus appropriate for use on low-pressure steam pipework and solar thermal pipes. In addition, the in-built water vapour barrier makes the material appropriate for use on pipework operating at very low temperatures.

Tubes are 2 m long and can be either sleeved over new pipework or slit and pulled around existing pipework with the seam then sealed using adhesive.

Kaiflex EPDMplus is naturally resistant to moisture and chemicals and is particularly suited for use in industrial process environments.


  • Closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier.
  • Inherently resistant to corrosion.
  • Suitable for use at temperatures up to 150°C.
  • UV resistant for external use.

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