JuiceBox Pro

Suitable for home and office applications.


JuiceBox Pro and JuiceBox Pro Cellular provide a smart and complete charging experience for both private and residential environments. Available in two power levels, JuiceBox Pro and JuiceBox Pro Cellular are equipped with all the safety and connectivity features which make charging at home or at the office an easy and seamless experience.

Due to their connection to Enel X’s smart charging software platform, these products provide access to the widest range of functionalities: from remote management of user charging sessions to smart grid optimization.

Meets the requirements of IEC 61851-1 (2017) and is CE marked.


Monitor, set and schedule user charging sessions anywhere using the mobile app.


Get access to advanced energy services for private applications, allowing for cost savings and smart charging logic.


Ready for 'Demand Limitation Pro' functionality, allowing users to always charge at the maximum power available without exceeding it.


Full remote technical assistance available, with fast response times.


Easily manage radio frequency identification (RFID) cards, charging sessions and reports with the integration into Enel X’s dashboard.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, with a solid and sleek design.


Suitable for home and office applications.

General information
Specification data - Electric vehicle charging points

Product Reference

Juice Box Pro 7 kW Cable

Juice Box Pro 7 kW Socket

Juice Box Pro 22 kW Cable

Juice Box Pro 22 kW Socket

Juice Box Pro Cellular 7 kW Cable

Juice Box Pro Cellular 7 kW Socket

Juice Box Pro Cellular 22 kW Cable

Juice Box Pro Cellular 22 kW Socket

Standard product features

Size (d x w x h):

153 x 180 x 421 mm.


5 kg for socket version; 10 kg for cable version.


  • Ingress protection rating: IP55.
  • Mechanical impact: IK08.
  • Backplate connection for an easy installation.

Charging mode:

Mode 3.

Output power:

  • Single-phase: up to 7.4 kW, 32 A.
  • Three-phase: up to 22 kW, 32 A.

Input voltage:

  • Single phase: 230 V.a.c.
  • Three-phase: 400 V.a.c.


  • Internal DC fault current detector (above 6 mA).
  • Low-cost external RCD Type A and MCB required.

Grid connection:

Support for TN, TT and IT systems.

Output cable and socket:

  • Socket version: Type 2 and Type 3a socket.
  • Cable version: Type 2 connector; 5 m cable length.


802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz Wi-fi and Bluetooth-ready for easy set-up and local connection.

Long term evolution (LTE) connectivity:

LTE cellular connection (only on JuiceBox Pro Cellular).


  • Open access: connect and charge mode.
  • Private access: option to activate authentication through RFID card/ app.


Dynamic LEDs displaying charging status.

Firmware and protocols:

  • Over-the-air (OTA) upgradeable firmware.
  • Long-term and persistent data storage upon power interruption.
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6J-compliant.

Operating temperature:

-40 to +60°C.


Metering accuracy: 0.5%.

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