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Highly unusual grooved, brick effect landscape timber system. Available in three options; one with a 90 mm grooved face suitable for creating a retaining wall or raised flower beds. Another option is 140 mm grooved face to the front, this larger "brick" effect front is more suitable for creating a wall or fence by building single timbers up on top of each other. The last option is to have the timbers grooved all round, so every face shows the brick effect grooves.

All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years.


All timber materials are covered by the Jacksons 25-year guarantee. On timber products, only the unique Jakcure® treatment process delivers a 25-year guarantee against all wood boring pest and all forms of dry and wet rot.

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Uniclass 2015
Pr_20_85_72_89 Timber sleepersPrimary

D41/510 Timber retaining wall systems

Specification data - Timber sleepers
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90 x 140 x 2350 mm, grooved on 90 mm face.


90 x 140 x 2350 mm, grooved on 140 mm face.


90 x 140 x 2350 mm, grooved all round


90 x 140 x 2350 mm, planed finished ungrooved landscape timber Jakwall.