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Brandon Medical Co Ltd

A digital, programmable, operating theatre control panel with integral computers and communications.

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Suitable for use in operating theatres.


The iTCP utilises a modern, tablet-style design that offers familiarity to all theatre personnel. The tab menu is easy to navigate allowing the user to switch between functional screens, while still providing visual status indication for each subgroup being monitored. The iTCP incorporates modern touch screen technology and high-quality, highly reliable back end PLCs from the automation industry.


  • Flush mounted screen offering operating theatre staff a complete control platform.
  • Individually designed and bespoke.
  • Intelligent device that is fully digital, programmable and connected with inbuilt computers and bus communications.
  • Sold as a stand-alone item or integrated with the Brandon Equipment Package (BEP).
  • Smooth and flat wipe down surface to control infection risks.
  • Utilises Building Automation Technology that is specifically designed to control buildings and to work with building management systems and communication protocols.


  • Installed in Group 2 locations where there is a risk of fatality from loss of power, such as operating theatres and cardiac cather labs.
  • As standard the iTCP provides 21 digital inputs, 19 digital output, 18 analogue inputs and 11 analogue outputs.
  • Embedded BACnet IP, Modbus TCP (ETH), 1 x RS485 Port.
  • The panel is designed in two parts: 1st fix wall back boxes and 2nd fix fascia assemblies.
  • The iTCP will be supplied from the Uninterruptible Power Supply.
  • In the event of a supply issue, the PLC comes with a failsafe supercell. The supercell keeps the PLCs EPROM energised keeping the status of its last known entry.
  • iTCP is a repeater alarm panel located within the theatre and in the event of critical failure, the alarm status can still be obtained via each piece of equipment or the building management system.

Features and benefits:

  • Facia includes framed bezel.
  • Flat touchscreen, flush-mounted, high-quality and reliable - powered by Magelis iPC.
  • Audio module (for basic alarm).
  • Communications gateway.
  • Server Integrated analogue or digital time of day clocks (via touch screen display).
  • TE Clocks (via touch screen display) - start/stop/pause count up and down.
  • Brandon i2i Lighting (full control Quasar® eLite Operating Lights) via touchscreen control.

General information









596 mm


154 mm


872 mm


Pr_70_70_47_45 Lighting control modulesPrimary
Pr_75_50_18_51 Mechanical services control panels

Specification data - Lighting control modules


To BS 1363-2:1995, BS 7671:2018, HTM06-01, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, HTM 03-01.

Controller type

Dual core 1.6GHZ, 4GB RAM DDR2 WES7.

Equipment interconnectivity

Hospital Network: Ethernet. Building Management System: Ethernet & Network Switch Modbus/BACnet TCP. Brandon i2i Network Devices: Modbus RTU. Schneider Modbus/BACnet TCP (PCL): Embedded BACnet, Modbus TCP (Ethernet), 2 x RS485 Port.

Rated voltage

85–264 V a.c.

Rated current

60 A inrush rurrent at 230 V a.c. (typical) (cold start).

Addressable input ports

32 Digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs.

Addressable output ports

13 Digital outputs, 2 analogue outputs.



Ingress protection (minimum)



Anti-scratch glass screen.




47–63 Hz (input).


0.5/ 0.43 (115/ 230 V a.c.).

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Declaration of Conformity iTCP Control Panel

Declaration of Conformity iTCP Control Panel

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