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Isover U Protect Accessories

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The Isover U Protect Accessories range, consisting of intumescent paint, glue, screws and tape, is integral to ensuring the correct installation of the Isover U Protect system.

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HVAC - Fire Protection of Ductwork


The U Protect system has been tested in accordance to EN 1366-1 and EN 1366-8 and assessed against the criteria in BS 476: Part 24. It offers up to 2 hours passive fire protection in HVAC ventilation and smoke extract ducts as well as up to 1 hour passive fire protection for kitchen ducts.

The fire performance of the system cannot be substantiated if alternative system components are substituted.

  • Protect Black Tape - self-adhesive black aluminium tape for covering the insulation slab edges for rectangular ducts.
  • Protect BSF Intumescent Paint - used for sealing all penetrations - solvent free and pH neutral, white aqueous intumescent dispersion
  • Protect BSK Adhesive - Non-combustible, inorganic adhesive based on alkaline sodium silicate for gluing the insulation to the wall, floor or ceiling. It is only required at penetration details rather than at every insulation joint.
  • Fire Protect Screws - spiral shaped screws made of galvanised steel to fix U Protect Slabs on rectangular ductwork

The fire resistance is also dependent on the application, thicknesses of insulation and the method of installation.

Please contact technicalsupport@saint-gobain.com for further details.

Key Considerations

When using Isover U Protect Wired Mat 4.0 Alu1, you need to satisfy yourself that use of the product meets all relevant national Building Regulations and guidance as well as local, national and other applicable standards relevant for your construction or application, including requirements in relation to fire.

Please refer to the following product documents:

  • Product Datasheet
  • Protect BSK Adhesive safe Use Instruction Sheet
  • Protect BSF Intumescent Paint Safety Data Sheet

General information




  • Galvanised steel 
  • Aluminium


Pr_80_77_76_54 Mineral wool pipe section insulationPrimary


U90/490 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

U90/490 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

Specification data - Mineral wool pipe section insulation Enhanced data

Thermal conductivity

  • 0.031 W/m.K at 10°C.
  • 0.035 W/m.K at 50°C.
  • 0.040 W/m.K at 100°C.
  • 0.047 W/m.K at 150°C.
  • 0.054 W/m.K at 200°C.
  • 0.072 W/m.K at 300°C.
  • 0.096 W/m.K at 400°C.


Manufacturer's standard.

A full range of accessories is available to help ensure effective fire protection and straightforward installation.

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