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Isopol SBR Heavy Duty

Isopol SBR is a styrene butadiene polymer latex screed additive and bonding agent. It is used to produce polymer modified wearing screeds for heavy duty and industrial flooring and for rapid drying, levelling screeds (minimum 10 mm thickness) to receive various types of floor finishes.

General information



Cement grey


Suitable for external applications, low thickness, tensile strength, water resistant


Styrene butadiene polymer latex


10 year warranty

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_31_06_80 Smoothing and levelling underlay compoundsPrimary

M10/110 Bonded cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/120 Fine concrete levelling screeds

M10/180 Concrete wearing screeds (granolithic)

M10/2 Bonded cement:sand levelling screeds

Specification data - Smoothing and levelling underlay compounds
Product Reference

Isopol SBR

Bonding agent


Isocrete M-Bond epoxy resin

Isocrete M-Bond Extra epoxy resin

Two coat system providing damp proof membrane and bonding coat.

Isopol SBR primer and grout

As drawing ___

Isopol SBR -


Heavy duty

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Isocrete PP fibres throughout mix, with strip of D49 steel fabric reinforcement at day joints

D49 steel fabric

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Product Options

Bonding agents:

  • Isocrete M-Bond: Two pack, single coat, solvent free epoxy bonding agent for concrete or screeds. Colour, red. Application, 0.45 kg/m².
  • Isocrete M-Bond Extra: Two pack, two coat, solvent free epoxy damp proof membrane for concrete and, additionally, a bonding agent for concrete or screeds. Colour, first coat red (application, 0.45 kg/m²), second coat black (application, 0.35 kg/m²).
  • Isopol SBR: Applied first as a substrate primer (0.1kg Isopol SBR/m²), then as a bonding agent in a cement grout (application, 0.3 kg Isopol SBR/m²).


  • Isocrete PP Fibres: High performance crimped monofilament 12 mm long polypropylene fibres added to mix as crack inhibitor. PP Fibres are intended for use in the Isocrete products K-Screed, Fast-K, Screedfast, Isogran, Isopol SBR and other polymer modified and conventional cementitious screeds and toppings.
  • Steel fabric: BS 4483, ref. D49.

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