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Interprime® 160


For the chemical pre-treatment of galvanized steel prior to the application of protective coating systems, in order to ensure good adhesion where blasting or abrasion is not possible.


Features and benefits:

  • Complies with UK Department of Transport Item No. 155.
  • Ensures good adhesion where blasting or abrasion is not possible.
  • Interprime 160 treated galvanized steel is suitable for overcoating with most International Protective coatings systems. 

General information



Pale blue.


Mordant solution

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_66_53 Mordant solutionsPrimary


G10/630 Galvanizing plus site-applied

G10/635 Thermally sprayed zinc coating plus site-applied

G10/638 Shop priming

G10/640 Shop painting

G10/643 Protective painting

G10/65 Shop priming for

G10/650 Site painting

G10/660 Shop plus site painting

G12/20 Shop priming

G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

G12/650 Shop priming

Specification data - Mordant solutions Enhanced data

Indicator colour


Pale blue.

Product Reference

Interprime® 160

Top coat

Intercure 200.

Intercure 420.

Intergard 251.

Intergard 269.

Intergard 400.

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