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Interplus® 256

A low VOC, two component internally flexibilized high build surface tolerant epoxy primer. Pigmented with aluminium and lamellar micaceous iron oxide for improved corrosion resistance. This formulation represents second generation surface tolerant technology. The product has both application and performance characteristics optimized for use over a wider temperature range.

Approval from UK Department of Transport (Item No. 159).

  • A high performance industrial maintenance coating for use on a wide variety of surfaces including hand or power tool cleaned rusty steel.
  • Interplus 256 is particularly useful in the maintenance of offshore structures and other aggressive environments, such as oil refineries, coastal structures, pulp and paper mills and bridges where dry abrasive blasting is not possible.
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with wet abrasive blasting or ultra high pressure water blasting, or as a patch primer for rusty surfaces in maintenance situations.
  • For use on hot surfaces continuously running at up to 150°C and for corrosion protection under thermal insulation of carbon and stainless steel.

Interplus 256 is not designed for continuous water immersion.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_22_52 Micaceous iron oxide paintsPrimary


G10/630 Galvanizing plus site-applied

G10/635 Thermally sprayed zinc coating plus site-applied

G10/638 Shop priming

G10/640 Shop painting

G10/643 Protective painting

G10/65 Shop priming for

G10/650 Site painting

G10/660 Shop plus site painting

G12/20 Shop priming

G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

G12/650 Shop priming

Specification data - Micaceous iron oxide paints

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Interplus® 256

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Mechanical characteristics:

  • Colour: Aluminium.
  • Gloss level: Eggshell.
  • Typical thickness: 75–150 microns dry (equivalent to 94–188 microns wet).

Recommended primers:

Interplus 256 will generally be applied to bare steel but is fully compatible for overlap onto most aged coatings, in addition to touch up repair of the following primers:

  • Intercure 200.
  • Intergard 251.
  • Intergard 269.
  • InterH2O 280.
  • Interseal 670HS.
  • Interzinc 12.
  • Interzinc 22.
  • Interzinc 42.
  • Interzinc 52.
  • Interzinc 315.

Recommended topcoats/ intermediates:

  • Intercure 420.
  • Interfine 629HS.
  • Intergard 475HS.
  • Intergard 740.
  • Interplus 256.
  • Interplus 770.
  • Interplus 880.
  • Interseal 670HS.
  • Interthane 990.
  • Interzone 505.
  • Interzone 954.

It should be noted that Interplus 256 is not suitable for overcoating with thin films of alkyd, chlorinated rubber, vinyl or acrylic finishes. For other suitable topcoats/ intermediates, consult International Protective Coatings.

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