Insulslab SFRC High Quality Foundation System

Insulslab SFRC High Quality Foundation System

Mayplas Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Insitu concrete foundation system for housing, with built-in insulation components.

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BBA approved specialist in situ concrete foundation system; Insulslab is suitable as a replacement for traditional piled and semi-raft foundations. 450 mm overall depth from finished Floor level.

Comprises of large polystyrene pod void formers that form a waffled slab on prepared hardcore formation. Perimeter shuttering form edge beam and toe for perimeter brick skin. The in situ concrete poured over the Insulslab pods incorporates steel fibre reinforcement to replace traditional rebar to beams and structural mesh to the slab.

Features and benefits:

  • Foundation to finished floor slab in one casting.
  • Insulslab offers system specification and installation advice, including engineering, steel fibre reinforced concrete calculations in conjunction with Arcelor Mittal, general arrangement drawings and full schedule of materials.
  • Eliminates foundation trenches, aids site health and safety.
  • Rapid construction sequence, typically fivedays from start to finished slab.
  • Aids compliance with part ‘L’ of the Building regulations – section 6 in Scotland.
  • BBA certified system.
  • Included in the Robust Detail for masonry on raft type foundation.


  • Low rise residential buildings and apartments.
  • Can be constructed on contaminated ground / brownfield sites/ remediated and made ground.
  • Can accommodate masonry/ timber frame/ steel frame or ICF wall construction.
  • Sites that are sloping.
  • Semi-raft foundation system on sites with low bearing capacity (minimum 50 kN/m²).
  • Semi-raft foundation system on sites with vibro engineered ground.
  • Piled foundation system on sites with very low bearing capacity (below 50 kN/m²).
  • Accommodates all types of piling materials i.e. Precast driven/ augered/ steel tube etc.
  • Ground gas protection systems.
  • Heave susceptible ground.

Approvals and accreditations:

  • Robust Details for Masonry.
  • ISO 14001:2004 – SIG plc.
  • PATENT NO: GB2385071.

General information


E20/200 Proprietary underslab insulation

E20/30 Underslab insulation

Product range


Specification data

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Insulslab SFRC High Quality Foundation System

Foundation layout

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Expamet rib closers

Hyrib beam closers

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Typical U-value 0.11-0.13 W/m²K dependent upon the p/a ratio.
  • Typical U-value 0.09 W/m²K dependent upon the p/a ratio (full footprint insulation layer).
  • 450 mm overall structural concrete depth.
  • 225 mm deep toe to support external skin of brickwork.
  • Arcelor Mittal HE+150 steel fibre only.

Product Options


- Ground gases:

The Insulslab system can incorporate measures to combat all ground gases by the incorporation of suitable membranes in place of the standard DPM. Venting layers and outlets are also incorporated if required. The system will cater for all gas classifications.

- Ground heave:

  • Semi-raft foundation – The ground is prepared in accordance with guidelines laid out in the NHBC Standards Document: Part 4 – Foundations: Chapter 4.2 – Building near trees recommendations.
  • Piled foundation – A void is provided under the whole footprint of the Foundation. This is provided by laying a layer of Cellcore HS/ HB.
  • Underfloor Heating – This can be incorporated within the 100 mm structural slab by securing the heating pipe to a layer of mesh laid on top of the insulation pods prior to concreting the foundation.


Insulslab Handy System Guide

Insulslab Handy System Guide

Third party certifications

  • 12/4894

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