inox™ Stainless Steel Railing System

  • Single or multi-dwelling units.
  • Offices and industrial buildings.
  • Schools.
  • Health care.
  • Assisted living facilities.
  • Public buildings.


Pre-engineered, modular stainless steel double slat post balustrade system suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comprised of 50 by 6 mm double slat posts with 38 or 51 mm top rails in either brushed stainless steel or a selection of hardwoods that can be a natural finish or stained to match other interior wood finishes.
  • Hidden mechanical connections throughout minimize on-site assembly, requiring no welding or gluing and provide security after installation.
  • Bends or mitred joints are factory prepared to tight tolerances ensuring quality of fit and finish.
  • Manufactured from 1.4307 (304L) grade stainless steel for internal use. 1.4404 (316L) grade stainless steel is required for external use.
  • Components are interchangeable with all HDI systems.
  • Top rails and infill options are available either in-line with posts or offset to the side of posts.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with BS 6180, BS 6399 and BS 8300.
  • Quick, efficient installation.
  • 25-year guarantee.
  • inox™ handrails meet ADA requirements. Clear space to wall: 38 mm.

General information


inox™ handrails meet ADA requirements; Designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with BS 6180, BS 6399 and BS 8300.


All wood and stainless steel supplied in a brushed (240-grain) satin finish






1.4307 (304L) grade stainless steel

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38 mm

51 mm


25 year guarantee.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_60_05_05 Balustrade and guarding systemsPrimary


L30/55 Proprietary balustrades

L30/560 Proprietary balustrades

Specification data - Balustrade and guarding systems Enhanced data


Glass panel - fully tempered*

*Interior only.

Resin pane*

*Interior only.

Stainless steel infill rods - 16 mm

Stainless steel panel - perforated

Stainless steel picket




1.4307 (304L) grade stainless steel - internal

1.4404 (316L) grade stainless steel - external

Solid wood/Stainless steel

Base rails

80 mm diameter rosette with HEWI® Nylon cover cap*

*Stainless steel rails only.

80 mm diameter rosette with stainless steel cover cap

Fixing to parent structure

Core mounted spigot fixing with cover plate

Side mounted to steel, concrete or wood with plate fixing

Top mounted to steel, concrete or wood with plate fixing

Top mounted to steel with welded fixing

Product Options

Top rail:

- Dimensions:

  • Tube wall: 2 mm-thick (steel/ stainless steel models only).
  • Handrails may be curved to meet stair conditions.

- Material:

Wood species:

  • Kiln dried as standard.
  • Other species and finishes available on request (a sample must be submitted for finish required).
  • Wood rail attaches to 9 x 13 x 203 mm continuous stainless steel bar.


- Type:

Custom materials and perforations are available; consult manufacturer for details.

  • Resin: A blend of polyester resin for interior applications.
  • Stainless steel panel, perforated: Rectangular frame 13 x 38 mm; brushed finish; 2 mm-thick panel, 10 mm squares on 13 mm centres; polished longitudinally to mitre cuts. Attached to post with vertically adjustable stainless steel clamping fixture.
  • Stainless steel infill rods: 15 mm-diameter rods (2 mm-thick tube). Attached to post with stainless steel clamping fixture.
  • Stainless steel picket: Vertical rails: 10 mm diameter; horizontal supports: 15 mm diameter; attached to post with stainless steel clamping fixture; gaps between pickets and adjacent posts to be equalized depending on rail length and site conditions.

- Configuration:

Offset to side of posts.


- Size (d x w):

50 x 50 mm overall (open pair of bars, each 50 x 6 mm).

- Spacing:

Maximum post spacing: 1300 mm.

- Material:

Stainless steel.

- Fixing:

  • Side/ top mounted to steel or concrete with plate fixing: Recommend fastening material: Chemical or mechanical anchor 13 mm wood lag or through-bolt.
  • Top mounted to steel with welded fixing: Welded fastener to be installed by factory approved welder.

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