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Industrial Overhead Sectional Doors - Vertical Lift

Industrial Overhead Sectional Doors - Vertical Lift


Vertical lift industrial track system.

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Suitable for application where headroom is not restricted and full workspace clearance is required.


An industrial track set for use with industrial overhead sectional doors where headroom is not an issue. YOURDOOR industrial overhead sectional doors are high quality and designed to ensure maximum durability and easy installation. Thanks to a wide range of systems and components, they are able to provide a suitable solution for every situation. YOURDOOR products and systems are designed by internal R&D department to comply with strict European safety and sustainability directives.

Features and benefits:

  • Made to measure.
  • Maximum door weight: 518 kg (depending on high lift value and/ or cable drum).
  • Maximum door size: 8500 x 6000 mm (depending on high lift value and/ or cable drum).
  • Maximum door leaf size: 48 m².
  • Minimum lintel build in space: DH + 400 mm.

General information


Custom Colour Options: Any choice of RAL / BS numbers.


Goosewing Grey BS10A05, Merlin Grey BS18B25 or Anthracite - RAL7016.


Sapphire Blue RAL5003, Gentian Blue - RAL5010 or Cornflower Blue BS18E53.


Olive Green BS12B27.


Flame Red BS04E54.


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Stainless steel.


Made to measure.



Pr_30_59_24_75 Sectional overhead doorsetsPrimary


L20/60 Doors

L20/615 Sectional overhead doors

Specification data - Sectional overhead doorsets Enhanced data






Vertical sectional folding/ stacking.

Track system

Low headroom.

The Low Headroom system has been designed for situations with a lintel build-in space as low as 200 mm. This way we can provide even the lowest application areas with a high quality industrial door system.

  • Maximum door dimensions: 6000 mm wide and 5000 mm high.
  • Required lintel build-in space: 200 mm with double top roller carrier, 300 mm with single top roller carrier.

Low level.

The low-level positioned spring makes the system easy to install and maintain. The low-level positioning is possible because of the steel beam, which supports the complete spring.

  • For doors between 2500 mm and 5600 mm high.

Dock door.

The Dock Door system has been designed specifically for truck loading docks. It has the same easy to maintain low-level positioned spring as the Low Level system, but instead a side bracket supports the spring.

  • Required lintel build-in space with vertical lift: door height ×2 + 300 mm.

Door panels








Goosewing grey.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Merlin grey.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Azure blue.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Sapphire blue.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Olive green.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Poppy red.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Sunflower yellow.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Cornflower blue.

Standard colours - Plastisol.

Leaf green.

Special order colours - Plastisol.

Van Dyke brown.

Special order colours - Plastisol.

Gull grey.

Special order colours - Plastisol.

Pure white.

Standard - Polyester.

White aluminium (silver).

Standard - Polyester.

Gentian blue.

Standard - Polyester.

Anthracite grey.

Standard - Polyester.

Traffic white.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Light ivory.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Grey white.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Grey aluminium.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Fir green.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Sepia brown.

Special Order colours - Polyester.

Flame red.

Special Order colours - Polyester.


Paint finish in RAL colours - Special Order colours - Polyester.

Dura Print.

  • Dura Print allows you to choose a completely unique and individual design for your premises: “Your Door, Your Design”.
  • Ideal for industrial and commercial doors, e.g. company logos, products, your showroom, visitor or safety information, to name just a few options.
  • Consult manufacturer for information.






GIGAcontrol TA.

YS11340-00001 - The GIGAcontrol TA automatic controller allows upgrading of industrial door operators to automatic mode with the integrated dead man control unit GIGAcontrol T+ for sectional and roller doors.


Telecody 12-command handheld transmitter - YS10212-00001.

Telecody 200-command handheld transmitter - Y4038V000.

Pearl Twin 2-command handheld transmitter - YS10019-00001.

Pearl holder black - Y4643V000.

Holding clip for Pearl handheld transmitter - YS10092-00001.

RAVE-D motion detector - YS10489-00001.

Connection cable - YS11357-00001.

Relay (MUFU) - Y7042V000.

Output OC - YS10854-00001.

Memo - Y10373.

Connector for external command devices - Y2238V000.

SOMlink - Y7040V000.

  • Professionals’ choice for easy configuration & programming and allows engineers access to maintenance data.
  • Access via any common browser establishing a direct connection between a Wi-Fi enabled device.


Installing hardware.

Product Reference

Industrial Overhead Sectional Doors - Vertical Lift


Max. door weight.

518 kg.

Depending on High Lift value and/or cable drum.


Max. door size.

8500 x 6000 mm.

Depending on High Lift value and/or cable drum.

Door leaf size

Max. door leaf size.

48 m².


Min. lintel build in space.

DH + 400 mm.


400V operators.

The one-piece gear housing made of die-cast aluminium is fitted with special bronze worm gears. The operator is lubricated for life with a specially selected lubricant. The electric motor ensures long life and low-vibration and low-noise operation at constant speed in all assembly positions.

230V operators with integrated frequency converter.

SOMMER frequency converters are always permanently mounted on the operator and precisely adjusted to it. SOMMER has been able to avoid the use of complex, large and expensive extruded sections for operators up to 1.1 kW. This saves space and simplifies installation of the operator. SOMMER frequency converters can be adjusted and programmed with the plain-text display of the GIGAcontrol A automatic controller. In addition, customers can save up to 10 preset frequency converter profiles in the controller.

Safety features

Emergency hand crank, emergency hand chain, emergency release and maintenance release.

GIGAcontrol Unit

322 × 105 × 105 mm.

Operating temperature range

GIGAcontrol TA.

−25 °C to +65 °C.

Ingress protection

GIGAcontrol TA.


Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to




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