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Industrial Door Operator

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Operator systems for industrial doors.

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Industrial doors.


230/ 400 V operator systems for industrial doors.

Available in three main variations:


Roller door operator with a powerful gearing system combined with advanced motor technology.


Sectional door operator with, integrated dead man's switch. It has a smooth operation, high power and long service life.


Operator system for high-speed foil doors, providing efficiency in a compact design. This system provides flexible application options.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly flexible: An easy-to-program control unit that is designed for all applications and requirements.
  • Reliable: The gearing technology guarantees a long service life.
  • Customer-specific adjustments: Numerous possible combinations combined with the controlling technology and multiple accessories meet any requirements.
  • Flexible system: The standard electronic limit switch system can be set using the integrated control unit by using any conventional triplex sensing device.
  • Customized settings: The basic settings in the system can be changed to suit individual project requirements.
  • Smooth-running and long-lasting: The electric motor ensures long life and a low-vibration and low-noise operation in all assembly positions.
  • Emergency release in the event of power failure: In the event of a power failure, the door can still be opened and closed.


Industrial doors.

General information
Specification data - Sectional overhead doorsets
Product Reference

GIGAroll - 018.140

For roller doors, 18 rpm output speed, 140 Nm output torque.

GIGAsedo - 018.140

For sectional doors, 18 rpm output speed, 140 Nm output torque.

GIGAsedo - 024.100

For sectional doors, 24 rpm output speed, 100 Nm output torque.

GIGAspeed - 90.045H

For high-speed foil doors, 90 rpm output speed, 45 Nm output torque.

GIGAspeed - 120.035H

For high-speed foil doors, 120 rpm output speed, 35 Nm output torque.

GIGAcontrol Unit

Not required


Standard product features


  • GIGAroll: Emergency hand chain and emergency hand crank.
  • GIGAsedo: Emergency release, emergency hand chain and emergency hand crank.
  • GIGAspeed: Emergency hand crank.

Motor performance:

  • GIGAroll - 018.140, GIGAsedo - 024.100, and GIGAspeed: 0.55 kW.
  • GIGAsedo - 018.140: 0.37 kW.

Technical characteristics:

  • Operation: Single/ three phase.
  • Operating voltage: 1 x 230 V, 3 x 230/ 400 V.
  • Frequency: 50 Hz.
  • Control voltage: 24 V.
  • Motor operating time: S3-60%.
  • Built in fuse: 10 A (inert).
  • Protection class: IP54.
  • Limit switch range: 14.

Product Options

GIGAcontrol Unit:

  • Standard five-line liquid crystal display (LCD) plain-text display.
  • For mechanical and electronic limit switches.
  • Status and error display.
  • Three freely programmable relays.
  • Rotation direction recognition and adjustment.
  • Automatic detection and assignment of the safety components.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Programming done with triplex sensing device integrated in the cover, opening the control unit is unnecessary.
  • Double password protection.
  • Two OSE connections.
  • Control unit and programming of the SOMMER frequency converter.
  • Recognition of pluggable traffic light/ radio control system modules.
  • Cable routing between housing and wall possible.
  • Generous housing with plenty of terminal space.
  • Customized housing foils are possible.

Third party certifications
  • TÜV NORD 'Type-tested' certification of voluntary commitment to security which exceeds the CE conformity test
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