Suitable for integration into domestic buildings. Applications include single flats, multiple occupancy dwellings and luxury homes.


Radial ductwork system that simplifies mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) and mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) installation and meets the demands on modern ventilation systems.

All circular plenum connections are supplied with gaskets as used on Lindab Safe systems, which fulfil the toughest demands for airtightness. This ensures the ducting can be interconnected quickly and easily.

All manifolds and plenum boxes have a Smart Lock function that allows Lindab’s LFPE semi-flexible duct to be attached with a simple push and click, to be quickly removed without the need for tools, with no damage to the flexible duct or the plenum/ manifold.

Features and benefits:

  • Complies with building regulation guidelines and is SAP Appendix Q listed.
  • Radial system: The radial principle involves individual ducting tubes from each extraction and supply point to plenum and distribution boxes connected to the mechanical unit. This eliminates cross-contamination and noise transfer.
  • Semi-rigid ducting: Requires minimum space and can be run in voids without interfering with other services or structural members.
  • Reduced power use: Lindab semi-rigid duct takes a swept bend form around corners and has a smooth internal surface that reduces pressure drops and power consumption.
  • Energy-efficient: Supply and extract points feed directly from central distribution boxes, significantly reducing system pressure drops and power loss to maximise fan power efficiency.
  • Airtightness: Components fulfil the requirements of air tightness class D, Lindab Safe connections on circular plenums have built-in double lipped gaskets and are Eurovent certified.
  • Easy installation: Push and click Smart Lock enables simple installation without the need for specialist tools. Installation time can be reduced by up to 66% compared to traditional ducting methods (no sealant or tape required). Ducting can also be removed easily if required.
  • Fire protection: Intumescent fire sleeves and collars offer fire protection, thus avoiding the need to construct fire resistant ducts.
  • Noise sensitivity: Provides acoustic separation, eliminating crosstalk sound transfer between rooms. Optional silencers are available to further reduce noise levels/ sensitivity. The system includes dampers, silences, valves and grilles.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Lindab Airy high-performance air valves offer an improved appearance for harmonised integration with interior design.
  • Compliance: Complies with building regulation guidelines and is SAP Appendix Q listed, which simplifies a building's energy consumption calculations.
  • The semi-rigid polyethene (PE) ducting is anti-static and antibacterial, with a corrugated outer surface to reduce pressure drops at corners and has a smooth inner surface to reduce air resistance.

General information



Front plate available in White RAL 9003, RAL 9010 and gloss 30.


Range of products of different materials dependent on project requirements.


Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_65_25_13 Circular plastics ductwork and fittingsPrimary


U90/150 Whole house mechanical ventilation

U90/150 Whole house mechanical ventilation

U90/420 Flexible ductwork and fittings

U90/420 Flexible ductwork and fittings

Specification data - Circular plastics ductwork and fittings Enhanced data


Range of products of different materials dependent on project requirements.


Air ductwork generally.

Product Reference




Semi-rigid duct.

Manifold box





Plenum box





SLXU 50.


Not required.

ABA air brick adapters.

AIRYB and AIRYFP supply and exhaust air valve.

AIRYB (valve body) supply and exhaust air valve is available in the following nominal diameters: 63 mm, 125 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 1000 mm, 2000 mm, 4000 mm, 8000 mm.

The flat front plate (AIRYFP) is available in 100, 125 and 160 mm diameter. Available in five standard front plate shapes:

  • ROUN – a circle.
  • BOW – a square with slightly bulged edges,
  • SQUA – a square.
  • ELLI – an ellipse.
  • RECT – a rectangle.

Available in White RAL 9003 and RAL 9010, gloss 30.

BU90 bend.

DW25N insulation wrap.

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Residential Ventilation Overview

Residential Ventilation Overview