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Hydrotech 6125 consists of rubberized bitumen modified with styrene resins and natural rubbers. It is liquid-applied in two layers with Flex Flash F polyester reinforcing fabric between. Hydrotech 6125 is finished with Hydrogard reinforced bitumen protection sheet according to conditions.

Hydrotech 6125 is not suitable for use over lightweight insulating concrete. Consult manufacturer before using over lightweight structural concrete.

Hydrotech 6125 is installed only by accredited contractors.

General information
Specification data - Hot-applied polymer-modified bitumen waterproof coatings
Product Reference

Hydrotech 6125


Hydrotech surface conditioner

Coating application -
First coat Hydrotech 6125

3 mm

Second coat/ reinforcement layer Hydrotech 6125

3 mm


Flex Flash F polyester fabric to all areas. Flex Flash UN where movement is anticipated

Minimum dry film thickness

6 mm

Coating protection

Hydrogard 10

Hydrogard 20

Hydrogard 30

Hydrogard 40

Product Options

Coating protection:

  • Hydrogard 10 where topping is to be installed immediately.
  • Hydrogard 20 for normal site conditions with no heavy traffic.
  • Hydrogard 30 where heavy site traffic is expected prior to application of topping, or under heavy roof plant etc.
  • Hydrogard 40 root resistant for green roofs.

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