Hydrostatic Level System


Tank level monitoring.


Hydro-static contents level gauges are manufactured from stainless steel and are of the highest quality. The standard system will comprise of three components, the hydrostatic tank sensor, capillary tube and the hydrostatic contents level gauge. Relays and switches are available to fully integrate with BMS systems.

The Kingsway Contents Gauge System requires no external power source. Indication of tank contents can be in any units of mass, volume or depth. 

General information


Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Ss_75_70_54_10 Building monitoring and management systemsPrimary


D40/704 Monitoring generally

Specification data - Building monitoring and management systems Enhanced data

Detection and alarm systems linked to BMMS

Tank level monitoring system.


LK/ES sensor (external).

LK/ST sensor (suspended).

Equipment interconnectivity

Not required.

LK10 electronic 4–20 mA BMS feedback system.



Insert capillary length, available 3–40 m.

Control equipment power supply

Not required.

24 V d.c. regulated power supply for LK10.


100 mm.

160 mm.

250 mm.



Dual independent relays (LK421).

Litres and gallons dual scale calibration.

On at low, off at high latched (LK422).

Single relay box (LK420).

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