Hydroduct® 220

Hydroduct® 220 drainage sheets are prefabricated geocomposites comprising an 11 mm studded polystyrene drainage core covered with polypropylene filter fabric on one face with a bonded plastic film on the other. They can be applied to walls of basements that have been waterproofed with Bituthene membranes and to existing basement walls and permanent shuttering prior to application of Preprufe membranes.

Where required Hydroduct Coil 150 drainage collector strip is installed at the bottom of the Hydroduct® 220 drainage sheets.


  • To Bituthene Membranes: With strips of Bitustik 4000 or ‘spike’ fixings that can be bonded to the membrane without penetrating its waterproofing integrity. Apply the Hydroduct 220 with the black plastic film against the membrane, geotextile facing outwards to allow water entry.
  • To basement walls or permanent shuttering: Fix directly to the substrate using masonry nails, shot fired or pneumatic fixings.

Fixing centres:

600 mm.


Sheets can be joined horizontally and vertically by overlapping the geotextile fabric 150 mm and butt jointing the studded cores. Cut fasteners are then used as connectors at centres to suit the application by interlocking a minimum of 2 dimples by 8 dimples long on each sheet and reinstating the fabric to form a weathered lap.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_74 Rubber studded sheetsPrimary


J40/295 Geocomposite studded cavity drainage/ venting membrane

J40/380 Protection boards for damp proofing/ tanking

Specification data - Rubber studded sheets

Product Reference

Hydroduct® 220

Drainage collector strip

Not required

Hydroduct Coil 150

Standard product features


11 mm.

Flow capacity (loaded at 50 kN/m²):

4.1 L/s/m.

Product Options

Drainage collector strip:

Hydroduct Coil 150 should be used in conjunction with Hydroduct sheets placed against waterproof membranes to form an integrated drainage system. Hydroduct Coil 150 should be used around the perimeter base of Hydroduct sheets and is a cost effective method of providing site drainage in confined spaces which can then be linked to the overall drainage system using the preformed connectors.

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