An innovative and unique reflective insulation product providing an excellent thermal performance.

Based on a honeycomb structure of shaped polyethylene foam layers and low emissivity films (aluminium coated polyethylene foils).

Its high thermal performance is provided by a special structure composed of a large number of low emissivity cavities, protected from dust and excessive air movement. Moreover, the low emissivity external films provide additional thermal resistance when associated with air cavities.

The product should be installed in association with a suitable breather membrane or roofing felt. An independent and continuous vapour barrier may be required; however, it can act as a vapour control layer without the need for an independent vapour control layer.

CE-marked in accordance with ETA no 18/0357. Designed for and fully tested in accordance with the EN 16012 standard for reflective insulation, including the application of 90/90. All testing of the product has been carried out by accredited independent test houses including VTT Expert Services Ltd. The product has been tested in-situ according to ISO 9869 by Glasgow Caledonian University. It has been awarded LABC and LABSS Registered Detail, it is accepted by NHBC , LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee and holds BM TRADA Q-Mark.

General information


Nitro-cellulose varnish


Copper and Silver (Copper layer facing the warm side of the build-up )


Flexible, lightweight, easy to fit, reflective, clean, light




50 x 1145 x 1200 mm

60 x 1145 x 1200 mm

75 x 1145 x 1200 mm

90 x 1145 x 1200 mm

105 x 1145 x 1200 mm

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In the event of any product performance non conformity and subject to it having been correctly installed Actis will arrange replacement of the product and cover the transport costs to the point of sale

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