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For jointing of two lengths of trace heating cable.


Interconnection and termination shall be with cold applied insulation displacement connectors and gel type end seals that are UV resistant, IP68 and 65°C rated, suitable for 2500 V d.c. insulation resistance test, with Torx head fittings and both audible and visual installation confirmation. Known as RayClic, the splice/ termination for jointing of two lengths of heating cable with integral 1.5 m powered cable, two end seals and one support bracket, enables multiple connections of trace heating circuits away from the controller. The rayclic is a fast and quick installation method for the install of Raychem Heat Tracing products.

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Pr_70_60_36_76 Self-regulating trace heating cablesPrimary


S90/565 Trace heating tape for pipelines

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Revit 2017


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