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High Speed Door VL Range

Air leakage in industrial premises is a costly expense and ensuring you have the correct doors in operation is critical to costs. The VL speed door is a rapid operation door allowing access to the premises by the most efficient means due to limiting the time the door is held open. The hard wearing composite PVC provides a defence against thermal change from room to room or outside to inside of industrial premises.

Tested from -30 to +70°C and has a thermal conductivity of 0.045 W/mK.

The VL speed door is commonly used in food premises, breweries, refrigeration and freezer rooms, transport premises, automotive manufacturers, conveyor belts, pharmaceuticals industry, paint rooms, waste sorting, car washes, hangers, warehouses, gantry and cranes. It is a vertically stacking door suited to outdoor applications having to withstand high air streams and windy conditions; the adaptable design means it can be altered to many site requirements.


  • Rip-proof, double layered metal reinforced PVC vertical door.
  • Galvanized steel framed structure acts as a frame and as a guide track for the PVC sheet.
  • All sides are protected by nylon brushes to avoid scratches on canvas when running.

General information


Rip-proof, double layered metal reinforced PVC vertical door

Galvanized steel framed structure acts as a frame and as a guide track for the PVC sheet

All sides are protected by nylon brushes to avoid scratches on canvas when running

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_38 High-speed doorsetsPrimary


L20/570 High speed doors

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - High-speed doorsets

Product Reference

VL Speed Door

Fabric colour

Blue Europa 95

RAL 1003, Yellow

RAL 1014, Ivory

RAL 2002, Vermilion

RAL 2004, Orange

RAL 3002, Red

RAL 6026, Green

RAL 7016, Anthracite

RAL 7040, Window Grey

RAL 8016, Brown

RAL 9003, White

RAL 9005, Black

RAL 9006, Grey



Amplifier for induction loops


Bottom of curtain painted diagonal yellow and black

Control box with operating buttons

Door frame polyester powder coated

Insert requirements.

Four channels remote control

Frame in stainless steel

Induction loops

Key switch

Opening photocells

Pull cord switch


Receiver for remote controls

Self correcting curtain safety mechanism

Supports for photocells (aluminium posts)

Two channels remote control

Vision panels

Standard product features

Size (maximum):

9000 x 7000 mm

Wind resistance:

  • Standard Class 1 (equivalent to 80 kph wind).
  • Optional classes 1 and 3 (dependent on measurements).

Canvas weight:

950 g/m².

Opening speed:

Up to 1 m/s (approximate).


  • Single phase electric irreversible geared motor used in conjunction with a heavy duty electric brake and limit switches to allow quick and accurate stopping of the door.
  • The power of the motor will vary dependent on the size and specification of the door.
  • In the event of power loss there is a manual operation through either chain or hand crank.
  • Control panel with open/close/stop push buttons with a built in timer that can be linked to several control devices such as photocells, switches remotes etc.

Product Options


The PVC curtain is a robust compound that is resistant to tearing. Steel round bars or fibreglass composite bar reinforce the curtain sections by welding them into the seams of the curtain to allow stacking and durability.

  • Resistance to tearing 70/ 55 daN.
  • Resistance to breaking 420/ 400 DaN DIN 53354 – ISO 1421.


  • All speed doors are equipped with a safety device on its leading edge to prevent closing on a person/ obstruction and will not make a force on closing greater than 400 N. When obstructed, it will reverse operation to allow safe passage.
  • A photo cell transceiver emits an infrared light beam across the door entrance to detect moving people or objects and will stop the door from closing if the beam is crossed or reverse operation if in closing operation.
  • Operation warning lights operated two seconds prior to opening or closing.

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