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High Security Turnstiles


  • Airports.
  • Power stations.
  • Ministry of Defence (MoD) sites.
  • Ports.


LPS1175 single and double security turnstiles.

The LPS1175 1491 turnstile range encompasses A1 to D10 (SR1–SR4) rated turnstiles in single and double configurations and a variety of hooped, paddle and straight bar rotors. The required strength of the D10 (SR4) product dictates the use of a paddle bar rotor. All the other externally accredited products A1-C5 (SR1–SR3) can have straight bar rotors and are available as single or double units. Independently Certified to LPS1175: Issue 8 certificate LPCB ref. 1572.

Features and benefits:

  • Full height single security turnstile to A1, B3, C5, D10 (SR1 to SR4 inclusive).
  • Available as full height double units (SR1 to SR3 only).
  • 90° locking head mechanism, electrically released in both directions.
  • Rotor sensing relays to provide a voltage free contact following the rotation of the rotor in either direction.
  • Status light LED panels to indicate when to proceed.
  • 240 V AC mains supply, 2 A.
  • Fail locked on power failure.
  • Walkway canopy with down light.
  • Side panels clad in galvanized weld mesh (SR2–SR4): this is see through for CCTV.
  • Finish: Zinc primer and polyester powder coated (PPC) standard RAL.
  • Stainless steel to B3 (SR2).


  • Airports.
  • Power stations.
  • Ministry of Defence (MoD) sites.
  • Ports.

General information


Pr_30_59_34_13 Carbon steel full-height turnstilesPrimary


Q50/160 Turnstile

null Street furniture

Specification data - Carbon steel full-height turnstiles

Product Reference

High Security Turnstile


A1 1491-201-S straight bar rotor arms

A1 1491-201-H hooped bar rotor arms

B3 1491-202-SF straight bar filled rotor arms

B3 1491-202-HF hooped bar rotor paddles

C5 1491-203-SFA straight bar filled armour rotor arms

C5 1491-203-HFA hooped bar filled sheet and armour rotor paddles

D10 1491-204-HFA hooped D bar filled armour shaped rotor paddles

Colour/ Finish

Powder coated, RAL

Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Access control


Card reader

Digital keypad

Radio control system

Push button control

Gate infill

Not required

Acoustic solid


Bar and weldmesh



Perforated steel sheet


Special order

Insert requirements.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required

55 mm serrated edge


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Standard product features


Manufactured from steel, powder coated.

Product Options


  • SR1: Infill 10 flat and no mesh.
  • SR2: Infill 10 flat and mesh.
  • SR3: Infill 40 round hollow section (RHS) and mesh.
  • SR4: Single turnstile only. Infill 40 RHS, infill and mesh.