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Dulux Trade High Performance Floor Paint is a water-based two-pack epoxy floor paint, suitable for high traffic areas. Its hard wearing properties make it suitable for both interior and exterior use. It offers excellent abrasion resistance on concrete and metal floors, drying to a highly durable mid-sheen finish.

General information
Specification data - Concrete floor paints
Product Reference

High Performance Floor Paint

System code

D8026 - Concrete. Previous coating: None (new)

D8027 - Concrete. Previous coating: Uncoated (not new)

D8028 - Concrete. Previous coating: Paint

D8029 - Concrete. Previous coating: Incompatible, poor adhesion, blistering, etc.

D8030 - Power-floated concrete. Previous coating: None (new)

D8031 - Power-floated concrete. Previous coating: Uncoated (not new)

D8032 - Power-floated concrete. Previous coating: Paint

D8033 - Power-floated concrete. Previous coating: Incompatible, poor adhesion, blistering, etc.

D8034 - Steel. Previous coating: None (new)

D8035 - Steel. Previous coating: Uncoated (not new)

D8036 - Steel. Previous coating: Paint (RMI Preparation Stages 4–6)

D8037 - Steel. Previous coating: Paint (heavy failure, incompatible)


See Dulux Trade colour literature.

Standard product features

Composition (nominal):

- Pigment:

Lightfast non-lead.

- Binder:

Epoxy resin.

Sheen level:


Product Options

System code:

The preparation of the substrate, type and number of coats are determined by this code.

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1.0
- 1.0
- 1.0
IFC2X3 3 1.3
Revit 2016 1 2.0
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