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Hi-Macs® Natural Acrylic Stone™

Hi-Macs® Natural Acrylic Stone™

James Latham Third party certifications:
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Non-porous, versatile decorative material.

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It is designed for interior applications in the home, commercial projects and for design environments.


Features and benefits:

  • Hi-Macs® Natural Acrylic Stone™ is an advanced non-porous, highly versatile decoration material that is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes.
  • The material is a blend of 75% natural minerals and pigments set in an acrylic matrix, resulting in a natural acrylic stone that is extremely durable and non-porous, and resists wear, normal heat and everyday staining.
  • It is as easy to cut and shape as wood, and can be thermoformed into almost any shape. Special adhesives ensure inconspicuous, seamless joins.
  • It has been hygiene-tested and will not allow micro-organisms to multiply; a copy of the test certificate from Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern is available on request.
  • The material is unaffected by most household acids and alkalis and will not burn; nicotine deposits from neglected cigarettes are easy to remove.

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Acrylic stone


Pr_40_20_96_42 Integral washbasins and vanity topsPrimary


N10/10 Purpose-made

N10/110 Purpose-made

N10/125 Desks and tables

N10/130 Laboratory furniture

N10/145 Vanity and washroom furniture

N10/15 Desks and tables

N11/20 Worktops

N11/340 Worktops

N11/380 Purpose-made units

N12/440 Purpose made

N13/25 Sinks

N13/30 Washbasins

N13/341 Vanity tops with formed washbasins

N13/346 Washing troughs

N13/351 Wash fountains

N13/355 Baths

N13/375 Shower units

N13/40 Shower units

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Specification data - Integral washbasins and vanity tops Enhanced data






Natural acrylic stone.

Third party certifications

  • ISO 14001 : EN ClassB (equivalent to BS 476 Class0 Solids, Granites, Sands, Pearl and Quartz ranges only)

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