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  • Suitable for inserting into masonry mortar joints, which have cracked or have failed.
  • May also be used to create masonry beams to support vertical and/ or lateral loading.


High tensile strength helical 304 or 316 stainless steel bars, designed for bedding into new or existing masonry work which has cracked or failed and is being repaired, strengthened or rebuilt.

It is inserted and bonded with Helifix ‘HeliBond’ high performance thixotropic non-shrink grout into mortar joints or specially cut slots in the masonry. HeliBar™ provides reinforcement that accommodates normal differential building movement and avoids additional stresses being imposed on the building fabric.

HeliBars may be bent to accommodate corners and other directional changes. They can be utilized to form load bearing masonry beams within the structure.

When used in conjunction with other products in the Helifix range it forms part of the Helibeam™ system which is used for cost effective restoration and enhancement of the structural integrity and load bearing capabilities of masonry buildings and structures.

Vertical spacing:

Recommended 300–450 mm for crack stitching.

Depth of slot:

Recommended 25–40 mm for crack stitching.

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Stainless steel


Pr_20_96_71_86 Stainless steel ribbed bar reinforcementPrimary


C41/530 Proprietary mortar repairs

C41/530 Proprietary mortar repairs

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Specification data - Stainless steel ribbed bar reinforcement


4.5 mm.

6 mm.

8 mm.

10 mm.

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Helical high grade stainless steel with a central core.

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