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HDLP-X Low Profile Ceiling Hanger

HDLP-X Low Profile Ceiling Hanger

Mason UK Ltd

HDLP Low Profile Coil Spring Anti-vibration ceiling hanger available in a variety of load capacities. Specially designed for a low profile metal frame grid ceiling.

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The HDLP-X hangers use a metal coil spring which offers excellent acoustic isolation properties. Springs can react quickly enough to absorb impact and can also absorb low frequency noise. This acoustic hanger has been designed as a low profile ceiling hanger and is used where floor to ceiling heights are critical. The HDLP-X hangers are specifically designed to allow the MF metal grid system primary channel to slot into the sides of the hanger to aid the contractor in the installation. This also gives great space saving compared to our other varieties of ceiling hangers. The hangers can support weights from 10kg up to 59kg per hanger. The spring elements can provide up to 33mm deflection, providing acoustic isolation down to 4.0Hz. They feature a neoprene cup, required to absorb high frequency noise. This extends through the hanger box which ensures that the hanger rod does not contact the hanger box.

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Allows for compact ceiling installations, quick and easy installation, spring sits in a neoprene cup that absorbs high frequency energy




97 x 50 x 50 mm

Uniclass 2015

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