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HD Ceiling Hangers

The HD hangers use a high quality low dynamic stiffness natural rubber element which offers excellent acoustic isolation properties. The HD-A rubber element extends beneath the metal housing, which prevents contact with the lower drop rod. The HD range is available with different rubber stiffnesses to suit different ceiling weights. The LDS rubber ensures that noise and vibration cannot travel through this acoustic hanger. Available in a variety of sizes and load capacities. HD-A is the low capacity type, HD-DS-Blue the highest capacity type. Load capacities are 20kg and 1905kg respectively. Designed for threaded drop rod installations. Can be used to isolate ceilings and HVAC ducting, piping and equipment.

General information




Allows for compact suspended ceiling installations, quick and easy installation


Steel, rubber


44 x 57 x 48 mm

Uniclass 2015

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