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Fitting sets of running gear and tracks for top hung residential and commercial applications where clear threshold without floor channel is essential e.g. walk-in wardrobes.


  • Door height (maximum): 2600 mm.
  • Door thickness: 19–25 mm.
  • Door weight (maximum): 30 kg.
  • Door width: 200–500 mm.

General information

Door height (maximum): 2600 mm

Door thickness: 19–25 mm

Door weight (maximum): 30 kg

Door width: 200–500 mm

Uniclass 2015 Door track and running gear (Pr_30_36_36_23)
Specification data
Product Reference

409.52.050 HAWA-Multifold 30W for Pairs of Overlay/ Inset Doors/ Walk-in Wardrobes

Fitting set for two panels.



231.47.990 Espagnolette lock set

323.17.507 Hinge

Overlay doors.

323.17.516 Hinge

Inset doors.

323.80.706 Mounting plate

Overlay doors.

323.85.783 Mounting plate

Inset doors.

409.32.690 Centre hinge

Panel to panel joint, matt nickel-plated steel.

409.50.940 Interlocking fitting

Centre joint of 4 door applications, black plastic.

409.50.990 Drilling template

Guides and suspension unit.

409.54.300 Sealing profile strip

5 m length, panel to panel gap, black rubber.

409.54.700 Sealing profile strip

5 m length, panel to panel gap, white rubber.

900.17.945 Knob slide surface bolt

Polished brass.

900.17.946 Knob slide surface bolt

Satin nickel-plated brass.

Product Options

Fitting sets:

  • Centre hinge, panel to panel joint, matt nickel-plated.
  • Door catch, black plastic.
  • Interlocking fitting, centre joint of four door applications, black plastic.
  • Surface equaliser, side wall, black plastic.
  • Suspension unit, black/ nickel-plated.
  • Top track, 1.1 m, brush seal, anodized aluminium.
  • Track stopper/ retainer, black plastic.
  • Trolley hanger.

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