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HAWA Aperto 60/GL

Top hung, sliding/ stacking system for light-medium duty, full height glass partitions. The system is ideal for most residential and commercial floor-ceiling partitions. It allows a completely flush partition when panels are fully closed and requires only minimal stacking space.

A bottom guide channel is recommended, but clear threshold applications are possible for reduced panel sizes.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_36_23 Door track and running gearPrimary


P21/10 Quantities and locations

P21/350 Door track and running gear

Specification data - Door track and running gear

Product Reference

HAWA Aperto 60/GL

Standard product features


  • Weight per panel (maximum): 60 kg.
  • Panel height (maximum): 2600 mm.
  • Panel width (minimum): 500 mm.
  • Panel width, stacking 90º, sliding or pivot door (maximum): 950 mm.
  • Panel width, stacking parallel, sliding door (maximum) 1100 mm.
  • Panel width, stacking parallel, pivot door (maximum): 1200 mm.

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