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Harlequin WoodSpring - Solid Wood Top

Harlequin WoodSpring is a permanently installed sprung floor system. It is a modern update of the traditional 'basket weave' construction. It is a counterbatten configuration comprising at least three layers of highly flexible softwood battens, arranged at right angles.

The intermediate layer acts as a spring to the top layer, which is laid at the centre of the span formed by the intermediate layer over the bottom layer. Theoretically the more intermediate layers incorporated in a basket weave floor the more flexible it becomes.

In the Harlequin WoodSpring system, shock absorption and energy return are enhanced by pads attached to the underside of the bottom layer. Onto this structure are installed two layers of flexible panels (typically plywood), which support the Harlequin dance floor.

Different surface options to consider:

  • Hardwood surface in beech, oak or maple, for specifiers who need a hardwood surface for multi-purpose use, including traffic by the general public, full stage entertainment, ballroom dance or even for designers obliged to match existing décor.
  • Engineered board with a hardwood wear layer - in beech, oak or maple.

General information








Counterbatten configuration




5 years

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_20_95_95 Wood floating floor systemsPrimary


K21/130 Battened wood floating floor

Specification data - Wood floating floor systems

Product Reference

WoodSpring basket weave sprung floating dance floor with hardwood surface


Engineered board with a hardwood wear layer

Solid hardwood






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Standard product features


  • Finish: Solid hardwood or engineered board.
  • Top layer: Birch
  • Lower layers: Triple layer of custom machined southern yellow pine and dual density shock dampening elastomer blocks.
  • Total thickness: 82 mm without the Harlequin performance surface.

Tested in accordance with DIN 18032–2:

  • Shock absorption: 64%.
  • Vertical deformation: 3.3 mm.
  • Area deflection: 14.9%.
  • Rolling load: >1500 N.

Product Options


  • Single bracket also available in white, metallic or chrome painted to order.
  • Double bracket also available in white, metallic or chrome painted to order.
  • Wall mounted brackets available with custom bracket designs to order.
  • Under window wall mounted bracket available to custom design.

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
IFC2X3 2 1.3
Revit 2016 3 2.0
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Third party certifications
  • DIN: DIN 18032-2, EN 14904-2006
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