Hadley UltraBEAM

HADLEY UltraBEAM - Beams produced from pre-galvanised structural grade, high strength 450 yield steel. HADLEY UltraBEAM products have been awarded SCI Assessed Status by the Steel Construction Institute, an internationally recognised expert body in the design and structural application cold roll-formed sections.

HADLEY UltraBEAM products are supported by HADLEY DesignSuite Pro Design Software which provides cost effective solutions to optimise the
structural design.

HADLEY UltraBEAM products are CE Marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulations with respect to structural metallic construction members conforming to BS EN 1090-1.

All sections are considered in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-3. Sections have been tested and assessed by Hadley Group in association with the Steel Construction Institute and Wolverhampton University. Evaluation and computer analysis of these test results has been utilised to determine the published sectional properties in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-3.


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