H Performance Plywood®

H Performance Plywood®

Hanson Plywood Ltd

High grade hardwood plywood with optimum performance classification, fully compliant for use in all construction applications. Provides a reliable alternative to general commercial marine plywood

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  • For use in construction, roofing, flooring, wall panelling, joinery, portable buildings, vehicle body building, boat/ yacht building and all applications which demand full compliance with exterior classification standards.
  • Suitable for Use Class 3 end uses applications without the need for preservative treatment.


High grade hardwood plywood, which provides optimum performance classification and is fully compliant for use in all construction applications.

The product provides a logical and reliable alternative to general commercial marine plywood, offering full classification and performance in all conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 636-3.
  • CE marked to BS EN 13986.
  • Suitable for Use Class 3 end use applications without the need for preservative treatment.
  • Suitable for use as a structural component.
  • Class 3 Glue Bond to EN 314-2.
  • Thicker face veneers.
  • High quality core with no voids or overlap.
  • Tightly controlled dimensional tolerances.
  • FSC certified.

Please note that plywood edges require sealing before installation.

Have you ever wondered why Marine Plywood is referred to in construction applications?

The answer is that this description has simply been used in the belief that the product will be a higher quality of plywood and will be suitable for application. Marine Grade Plywood compliant with the standard BS 1088 was not originally intended for construction applications, as the name suggests, it was produced for the boat/shipbuilding industry.

In today’s world the availability of legal and sustainable hardwoods to produce Marine Grade Plywood is very limited, which makes the product relatively expensive to produce.

Construction specifications should be satisfied with products that are fit-for-purpose taking into account the application and the particular performance criteria required. With this in mind, Hanson Plywood have worked to develop and present a product that is specifically intended for the construction industry and offers full technical and environmental classifications.

Performance Plywood® is the result of this work and is a reliably branded hardwood plywood produced specifically for construction applications. It is CE marked and tested to meet EN 636 Use Class 3 thus making it suitable for use as structural components in exterior conditions. The product carries FSC® chain of custody and is FLEGT licenced to verify legality under the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR).

General information




Hardwood Plywood




1220 x 2440 mm

1220 x 3050 mm

1525 x 3050 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_86 Structural veneer plywoodsPrimary
Pr_25_71_97_91 Visual grade general veneer plywoods


K11/515 Plywood roof decking

K11/715 Plywood underlay

M40/110 Tiling to

M40/120 Mosaic to

N10/110 Purpose-made

P20/40 Plywood

H20/150 Sheet cladding

K11/315 Plywood flooring

K11/415 Plywood wall sheathing

K11/815 Plywood

G20/15 Plywood

M40/10 Natural stone covering to

M50/55 Plywood underlay

M51/371 Plywood underlay

K11/215 Plywood floating floor

K11/615 Plywood sarking

M40/115 Natural stone covering to

P20/240 Plywood

K11/40 Plywood roof decking

G20/310 Structural plywood

H20/155 Sheet cladding

K11/115 Battened plywood floating floor

M40/400 Backgrounds

N10/160 Shelving system

M40/15 New backgrounds/ bases

N10/10 Purpose-made

M50/560 Plywood underlay

M40/5 Tiling to

Specification data - Structural veneer plywoods Enhanced data


To BS EN 636, BS EN 314-2, BS EN 717-2 and BS EN 13986.




Structural hardwood plywood.

Service class

EN 636-3

Use class

Suitable for Use Class 3 end use applications without the need for preservative treatment.

Bonding quality

To BS EN 314-2, Class 3.

Reaction to fire classification


Excluding flooring

EN 13501-1 Euroclass D.

VOC emissions

Formaldehyde release (to EN 717-2): Class E1.

Sheet size

1220 x 2440 mm.

1220 x 3050 mm.

Not 15 and 25 mm thickness.

1525 x 3050 mm.

Not 15 and 25 mm thickness.

Nominal thickness

9 mm.

12 mm.

15 mm.

18 mm.

25 mm.



Product Reference

H Performance Plywood®



Average density

500–550 kg/m³.



Dimensional square tolerance (to BS EN 315)


Environmental information

Country of product manufacture


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