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A non-loadbearing, twin-framed acoustic separating wall. Primarily designed to be used for sound resisting walls in residential units, such as flats and apartments, to meet the requirements of Building Regulations. The system can also be specified in commercial and industrial buildings where good acoustic performance is required.

The wall consists of two independent British Gypsum Metal Stud frames braced together, with acoustic insulation suspended in the cavity and a layer of plasterboard screw fixed to either side.

Not suitable for use in areas subjected to continuous damp or humid conditions. Specify MR (moisture resistant) boards in intermittent wet areas.


  • Strength and robustness: Satisfies BS 5234 requirements up to Severe Duty.
  • Fire resistance: Up to 120 minutes.
  • Sound insulation: Up to Rw 64 dB.

General information
Specification data - Gypsum board partition systems
Product Reference


Partition thickness

200 mm

250 mm

300 mm

Studs -

48 mm Gypframe 48 S 50 'C' twin studs


600 mm

Head condition -

Standard Gypframe 50 DC 50 floor and ceiling channels, fixed to ___

Insert e.g. 'underside of ceiling joists'.

Deep flange Gypframe 50 DC 60 floor and ceiling channels, fixed to ___

Insert e.g. 'underside of ceiling joists'.

Extra deep flange Gypframe 50 EDC 70 floor and ceiling channels, fixed to ___

Insert e.g. 'underside of ceiling joists'.


25 mm Isover APR 1200

50 mm Isover APR 1200

75 mm Isover High Performance Acoustic Slab

Linings -

2 x 15 mm Gyproc FireLine to each side

200 mm thick partition only.

1 x 19 mm Gyproc Plank to one side and 1 x 12.5 mm Gyproc SoundBloc to other side

2 x 15 mm Gyproc SoundBloc to each side


Tapered edge

Finishing -

Taped seamless finish

Skim coat plaster finish

Not suitable for use with Gyproc Board Moisture Resistant Grade.

To receive ceramic tiles

Primer/ Sealer

One coat of Gyproc Drywall Prime

Two coats of Gyproc Drywall Sealer

For use where vapour control is a consideration.


Rigid beads/ stops

Rigid cross braces: Gypframe GFS1 Fixing straps and 99FC 50 Fixing channels

Other requirements


Access panels

Product Options

Partition thickness:

The 300 mm thick partition offers better acoustic performance, particularly at low frequencies.

Deflection allowance:

Consult British Gypsum technical literature for recommendations.