Special formulations of laminate provide the desired strength and rigidity. Non standard sizes and sections are available to order.

Yeoman gutter brackets are manufactured from mild steel flat bar, which is then spun galvanized prior to the application of a polyester powder coat finish. Where it is not possible to coat brackets in a matching colour to the gutter, then brackets are supplied galvanized for the customer to apply a suitable paint finish.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_50_35_35 Glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) eaves guttersPrimary


R10/340 GRP gutters

Specification data - Glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) eaves gutters

Product Reference

GRP Half Round Gutters

System colour and finish

Reproduction cast iron surface in black

Manufacturer's standard.

BS 5252 colour

Insert colour.

RAL colour

Insert colour.




4515 Half round, size 110 x 40 mm

Flow rate (BS EN 12056-1): 0.41 L/s.

5018 Half round, size 125 x 50 mm

Flow rate (BS EN 12056-1): 0.63 L/s.

5223 Half round, size 130 x 60 mm

Flow rate (BS EN 12056-1): 0.85 L/s.

6030 Half round, size 150 x 75 mm

Flow rate (BS EN 12056-1): 1.31 L/s.

9750 Half round, size 245 x 100 mm

Flow rate (BS EN 12056-1): 7.70 L/s.

As drawing


1.8 m

Other sizes and sections are available to order.

As drawing




Not required

Union clip

As drawing


Running outlet; rectangular spigot

Insert section size.

Running outlet; round spigot

Insert diameter.

Running outlet; square spigot

Insert section size.

As drawing


Not required

90° External

90° Internal

External, non standard

Insert angle.

Internal, non standard

Insert angle.

As drawing

Stop ends

Left hand

Right hand

As drawing


Profiled drive-in rise and fall bracket

Profiled fascia bracket

Profiled rafter bracket

As drawing

Standard product features


The gutters are supplied in standard lengths of 1800 mm plus spigot. Other sizes and sections are available to order.

Product Options

System colour and finish:

All gutters are through coloured. The standard finish is a reproduction cast iron surface in black, and is also available in any BS 5252 (inc. BS 4800) or RAL colour.

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