GreenCoat® PLX Standing Seam


The product can be used to cover complex surfaces such as barrel vaulted roofs and domes etc. It can be laid on a ventilated timber substrate, composite panel and direct onto insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.


A standing seam system with traditional detailing, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in contemporary standing seam systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from steel.
  • Seams are available in 25 or 38 mm formats.
  • The system can be provided as a complete roof kit including all flashing, matching rainwater products and ancillaries.


Suitable substructure materials:

  • Ventilated 18 mm-thick weather and boil proof (WPB) plywood.
  • Ventilated oriented strand board OSB3.
  • Hard metal board.
  • Composite panel.
  • Rigid insulation.


ISO-Mat Pro® is recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Fixed: 25 mm seams: SM-EFK-25; 38 mm seams: SM-EFK-38.
  • Sliding: 25 mm seams: SM-EFE-25; 38 mm seams: SM-EFE-38.
  • Flashing clips: SM-ELH-27.
  • For fixing to rigid insulation: Thermoseam warm room clip for metal roofing.

General information




Insert project requirements, maximum length: 12 m.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_51_15 Carbon steel sheetsPrimary


H31/10 Metal

H31/120 Metal

Specification data - Carbon steel sheets Enhanced data




Insert project requirements, maximum length: 12 m. Alternative (bespoke) lengths are available, if they are logistically possible to transport. Consult manufacturer for details.





Acorn Brown RR827 / SS0434.

Anthracite Grey RR2H8 / SS0087.

Brick Red RR7F2 / SS0742.

Cottage Red RR29 / SS0758.

Leaf Green RR594 / SS0874.

Metallic Copper RR979 / SS0778.

Metallic Dark Silver RR41 / SS0044.

Metallic Gold RR042.

Metallic Silver RR40 / SS0045.

Metallic Sterling RR974 / SS6045.

Mountain Grey RR23 / SS0036.

Nordic Night Black RR33 / SS0015.

Quarry Grey RR287 / SS0244.

Silver Fir Green RR5J3 / SS0975.

Snow White RR19 / SS0001.

Special order.

Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantities; consult manufacturer for details.

Product Reference

GreenCoat® PLX Standing Seam


Other centres on request; consult manufacturer for details.

25 x 430 mm/ 530 mm.

Minimum pitch: 5°.

38 x 404 mm/ 504 mm.

Minimum pitch: 3°.

Coefficient of thermal expansion

0.012 mm/m·K.

GreenCoat PLX offers an approximately 50% lower expansion coefficient in contrast to all other metals. This property allows for longer profiles/sections (consult technical literature for details) and prevents buckling and deformation for many decades.


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