Glazed Steel Door (Security)

Office door, shop front door, glazed door, glazed personnel door.


Single leaf, heavy-duty, glazed steel security door suitable for external or internal use. It is available in sizes from 795–1195 mm wide and features HOOPLY 19-point locking. Small glazed windows through to a fully glazed panel are available to allow as much light through as required, without compromising security.

Features and benefits:

  • Heavy-duty white smooth polyester powder coated finish as standard.
  • Fully welded construction for optimum strength.
  • Four stainless steel heavy-duty ball bearing hinges and four dog bolts (fixed locking points) on hinge side of door.
  • Multi-point locking shoot bolt mechanism.
  • Chrome plated steel handles included as standard. Heavy-duty stainless steel handles upgrade (level 2) available to increase security and level 3 security sashlock is also available.
  • Weather and draught proof seals supplied as standard. It is fully weather proof and can be used externally.
  • DDA compliant threshold.
  • Anti-jemmy bar lip all around the door leaf, including the hinge side.
  • Internal frame welded casework to protect shoot bolts from falling debris.
  • UAP tradelock supplied as standard with anti-drill and anti-pick features. A 1* kite marked cylinder upgrade is available, which has in addition, anti-bump, anti-snap, and anti-pull features (included in level 1, 2 and 3 security upgrades). Thumb turn and keyed alike options are also available.
  • CE marked.


Office door, shop front door, glazed door, glazed personnel door.

General information


Polyester powder coated


Door frame: 1.8 mm thick galvanized steel

Door leaf: Double skinned 1 mm thick galvanized steel with a Rockwool insulation core

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_37 High-security doorsetsPrimary


L20/55 Doorsets

L20/480 Doorsets

Specification data - High-security doorsets

Product Reference

Glazed Steel Door (Security)

External frame size



795 mm

845 mm

895 mm

945 mm

995 mm

1095 mm

1195 mm


1900 mm

1910 mm

1920 mm

1930 mm

1940 mm

1950 mm

1960 mm

1970 mm

1980 mm

1990 mm

2000 mm

2010 mm

2020 mm



Open in, left handed

Open in, right handed

Open out, left handed

Open out, right handed

Security upgrades

Not required

Drop bar kit

For additional door security.

Level 1

Security cylinder.

Level 2

Level 1 plus stainless steel handles.

Level 3

Level 2 plus security sashlock.

Security trim kit, external

For additional external door security.

Security trim kit, external and internal

For additional external door security.


Latham's Stock White


Special order

Insert requirement, many BS and RAL colours are available, contact manufacturer for information.

Glazed panels



225 x 225 mm panel

225 x 530 mm panel

225 x 1524 mm panel

530 x 530 mm panel

Fully glazed door

Half glazed door

Two 530 x 530 mm panels

Two half glazed door


Not applicable

For fully glazed door, two 530 x 530 mm panels and two half glazed door.

Hinge side, top

Hinge side, middle

Hinge side, bottom

Centre, top

Centre, middle

Centre, bottom

Lock side, top

Lock side, middle

Lock side, bottom

Over/ side panels

Not required

25 mm over panel

5–40 mm expandable side frames

Supplied as a pair.

50 mm over panel

50–85 mm expandable side frames

Supplied as a pair.

75 mm over panel

100 mm over panel

150 mm over panel

200 mm over panel

250 mm over panel

300 mm over panel


Door knob

External blanking plate

External blanking plate with key access

PVC-U style handles

Security code lock

Standard handle


Keyed alike

No cylinder access


Thumbturn cylinder



Door sill

Extra keys

Friction stay

For outward opening doors.

Heavy duty door closer

Satin chrome finish.

Kick plates

Letterplate, chrome finish

Letterplate, satin chrome finish

Masonry fixing kit

Metal fixing kit

Push plates

Rain deflector

Wood fixing kit

Standard product features


  • Door frame: 1.8 mm thick galvanized steel.
  • Door leaf: Double skinned 1 mm thick galvanized steel with a Rockwool insulation core.


Polyester powder coated.


Plain door with flush panel.

Frame depth:

93 mm.

Door leaf depth:

50 mm.


Heavy duty 14-point locking shoot bolt mechanism with three shoot bolts into the top of the frame, eight shoot bolts into the latching side of frame and three shoot bolts through bottom threshold into structure below. Including the four dog bolts and latch, 19 points secure the door leaf in the frame.

Security type:



2.20 W/m²K.

Acoustic value:

35 dB.

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