GDRH Dry Fix Roll-Out Hip

The Manthorpe Dry Fix Hip is a mechanically fitted system which securely fixes the hip tiles on to a roof, protecting them from wind uplift and rain penetration without the need for mortar and pointing. The system can also provide 5000 mm²/m ventilation to the roof void through the vent roll, the equivalent to a continuous 5 mm gap.

Features and benefits:

  • Compatible with most makes of concrete half round and angled hip tiles.
  • Can be fitted to the hip of most roof pitches (pitches must be within tile manufacturer's recommendations for the tile type being used).
  • The system is compatible with most slate, concrete flat and profiled tiles.
  • No need for mortar, the system can be installed in all weathers.
  • Can be used with Manthorpe’s Roll-Out Dry Ridge System.

General information
Specification data - Dry fixing hips

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GDRH Dry Fix Roll-Out Hip

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Dark Brown




GDRH-ST Hip Support Tray

GDRR-RR Vent Roll

GDRR-RU Ridge Union

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- GDRH-ST Hip Support Tray:

  • The Hip Support Tray is fitted above the Vent Roll when installing the Manthorpe Dry Hip System to provide a straight and level platform to support the tiles up the hip of the roof.
  • This is particularly necessary when using profiled or deep flat tiles.

- GDRR-RR Vent Roll:

  • Supplied in lengths of 6 m, the vent roll is placed along the length of the hip prior to the hip tiles being installed.
  • The roll is made up of a vapour permeable membrane down the centre, with a corrugated acrylic coated aluminium strip down each edge.
  • The malleability of the aluminium allows the roll to be shaped to the profile of the roof tiles and is secured in place with a butyl strip already attached to the underside.
  • The punched vapour permeable membrane will provide ventilation to the roof void of 5000 mm²/m whilst avoiding the ingress of wind driven rain and the entry of large insects.

- GDRR-RU Ridge Union:

  • The Ridge Union sits in the gaps between each of the ridge tiles, holding them in place.
  • The ridge union body slides onto the end of the ridge tile and is flexible so that it bends to the shape of the tile.

Third party certifications
  • 245269 : High speed wind tunnel and wind driven rain tests