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Bituthene® Primer B1

GCP Applied Technologies Variant:

Waterproof membrane primers.

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Bituthene® Primer B1:

Solvent-based primer used to prepare vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs, for Bituthene 3000 only. It is suitable for use on masonry or wood surfaces on which Bituthene 3000 membranes will be applied.

Bituthene® Primer S2:

Rubber-based primer in solvent specially formulated to provide good initial adhesion of Bituthene® waterproofing membranes. Used to prime 'green' concrete or damp to touch substrates, as well as masonry or wood surfaces, on which Bituthene® membranes will be applied.

Bituthene® Primer W2:

Water-based surface conditioner specifically formulated to prepare concrete, masonry and wood surfaces. It is suitable for use on damp to touch substrates and can be used on masonry or wood surfaces on which Bituthene® membranes will be applied.


Primers for use with the Bituthene® range of cold applied, self-adhesive waterproof membranes.

Features and benefits:

Bituthene® Primer B1:

  • Application at temperatures of +5 °C and above.
  • Specifically formulated to provide enhanced adhesion with BITUTHENE® GP membrane.
  • High coverage – Low cost per square metre.
  • Rapid drying.
  • Ideal for winter use.

Bituthene® Primer S2:

  • All temperature application above -5°C.
  • Green and damp concrete tolerant.
  • Quick drying for fast membrane application.
  • Rubberised formulation for high adhesion.
  • Compatible with BITUTHENE® 4000 and 8000 series.

Bituthene® Primer W2:

  • Application temperature above 0°C.
  • Damp concrete application.
  • Latex formulation.
  • Water based.
  • Low VOC.

General information



Bituthene® Primer S2.



Bituthene® Primer B1.


Bituthene® Primer S2.


Bituthene® Primer W2.


Pr_35_31_66_08 Bitumen primersPrimary


J40/335 Primers

J40/40 Self-adhesive bitumen membranes

J40/45 Self-adhesive bitumen gas retardant damp proofing/ tanking

Specification data - Bitumen primers

Product Reference

Bituthene® Primer B1

Bituthene® Primer S2

Bituthene® Primer W2


≤540 g/L.


8-10 m²/L.

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