Garla-Prime® Primer

Asphalt-based roof primer. Saturates existing felts to form a tough, elastic bonding surface for coatings, and is also used to prime metal, masonry surfaces, and bare concrete roof decks. Its penetrating oils replace the natural asphaltic oils lost through weathering, restoring flexibility to the old roof surface.


  • Conditions and restores dry felts.
  • Economical.
  • Provides maximum surface adhesion.
  • Dries quickly.

General information


Conditions and restores dry felts


Provides maximum surface adhesion

Dries quickly

Uniclass 2015

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Product Reference

Garla-Prime® Primer

Standard product features

Technical properties:

  • VOC status: 470 g/L.
  • Flash Point: 38°C.
  • Non-Volatile: 0.476.
  • Coverage: 0.20–0.30 L/m².