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Garage Door Operator
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Garage Door Operator

S 9060 base+

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Garage door operator systems.

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Suitable for sectional doors, overhead doors, up-and-over doors, swing doors, hinged double doors, side-opening sectional doors, side-opening doors and sliding doors in buildings.


Garage door operator systems with a motor carriage which offers space to connect multiple accessories. Pro+ models offer flexible wall or ceiling installation due to the separate control unit housing; no additional power sockets need to be installed on the ceiling. The integrated button in the control unit housing offers additional convenience in the garage.

SOMloq2 Radio:

The bidirectional, rolling code and encrypted radio control system provides maximum security. It includes the following features:

  • Individual function assignment when programming the radio control system by the user: Tip, toggle, partial opening, defined OPEN/ CLOSE.
  • Noticeable quality due to confirmation of the radio signal through vibration feedback (with suitable transmitter).
  • Door status display.
  • Targeted light control unit.
  • Pre-programmed at the factory.
  • Reduction of radiation exposure despite higher data throughput in package mode.
  • Increase in reliability and range due to active forwarding (hop function).
  • Auto-repeat function for convenient opening while approaching the object.
  • Distance-dependent dead-man function for set-up mode.

Extensions such as the Memo memory space extension, the Senso humidity sensor and other accessory modules are also available. Additional connection options are located directly on carriage (pass door contact and safety contact strip OSE or 8k2).

Features and benefits:

  • Battery pack provided for power failures.
  • Restriction of closing forces: The system monitors the closing forces according to BS EN 12445 by means of Dynamic Power System (DPS) electronic motor monitoring.
  • Emergency release: The integrated SOMMER emergency release system means the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position. This ensures security in any position, even if there is a power failure.
  • Environmental and cost efficiency: The energy-saving operator consumes approximately <1 W of energy a year in standby mode.
  • Safety lighting: Lighting is integrated in the carriage which provides constant lighting to the area of door travel.
  • Smooth-running and long-lasting: Gear-saving technology means the garage door operator is quiet, low-wear and has a long lifespan. The operator is completely maintenance-free.
  • Optimal application of force: The motor track carriage moves itself along a permanently tensioned chain so no frictional loss or loss of power occurs as is the case with a revolving chain.
  • Clean chain: The galvanized chain is maintenance-free and does not need to be oiled. This prevents oil spots on the garage floor, door or parked vehicles.
  • Due to the flame-resistant materials, the operator offers a high safety factor and reduces fires risk.
  • Universal use: Compatible with almost all door types.
  • Five-year warranty on the operator technology, the motor and the motor control unit.
  • HomeLink® compatible.

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details.

General information




Pr_30_59_24_93 Up-and-over doorsetsPrimary


L20/680 Up-and-over garage doors

Product range

Door and Gate Operators

Specification data - Up-and-over doorsets Enhanced data






Not required.


Supplies energy to the operator for maximum 5 door cycles > in the event of a power failure.

Additional fitting for hinged double doors

Additional fitting for low headroom bracket.

Alarm/ Warning Buzzer.

Two functions in one product: The alarm buzzer recognises a break-in attempt and outputs a loud signal tone. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, outputs an acoustic signal during the closing process or when the pass door is open.


Allows the connection of two corded pulse buttons for control of the door and one external lighting unit. The operating mode ‘Defined opening’ and ‘Defined closing’ is optional.


For easier and more convenient installation of the tension springs on sectional doors. It is no longer necessary to lift the door yourself, making installation of the door even easier and quicker.

Lock Locking Magnet.

Magnet motor lock which mechanically blocks the motor in any position (even with ventilation function) up to an attack force of 300 kg, thereby improving the existing break-in protection.

Lumi pro+.

Additional LED lighting for the wall control. It is switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriages and can be easily switched on and off using the light function by means of a transmitter.

Lumi base+.

Additional LED lighting for the roof control. It is switched in parallel with the lighting in the carriage and can be easily switched on and off using the light function by means of a transmitter.


Used to expand the memory to 450 transmitter commands. During service, saved data can be easily adopted for a new carriage.


A passive infrared sensor detects invisible thermal radiation from moving bodies (people/ animals, etc.) and reacts. When you enter the garage, the lighting on the operator is automatically switched on (supplemental lighting/ relay) so that you can move around safely.

Output OC.

Transfers the door status (open/ closed) to Smart Home systems. Optionally, a further external lighting unit can be operated.

Parking Position Laser.

Gives optical assistance for perfectly positioning a vehicle in the garage. The laser is active during the opening process and the set light burning time.

Pearl Status.


Additional relay for additional switching of a garage or courtyard light or another 230 V appliance.


For measuring temperature and air humidity in the garage. The carriage automatically opens the door a bit if necessary (e.g. when the air humidity is too high), ensuring perfect circulation. When the optimal value has been achieved, the door is closed, reducing the risk of mould formation.

Vehicle wall holder for Pearl transmitter.


Installing hardware.

Product Reference

S 9060 base+

600 N (maximum) pull and pushing force.


Maximum door size.

4500 x 2500 mm.

Sectional door.

4500 x 2750 mm.

One-piece door.

4500 x 2050 mm.

Up-and-over door.

2800 x 2500 mm.

Hinged double door.

2500 (4500) x 2500 mm.

Side-opening sectional/ side-opening door.


Travel length.

2750 mm.


Maximum (extended): S 9060 base+/ pro+: 4900 mm (two extensions of 1096 mm)


Maximum door weight.

120 kg.


Maximum running speed.

240 mm/s.

Power consumption

Power saving mode.

<1 W.

Operating time


Third party certifications

  • Ift Rosenheim certification to EN12445
  • BAS.T (Bundesverband Antriebs-und Steuerungstechnik, Tore e.V.) Certified Quality
  • TÜV NORD GS tested to meet the German Product Safety Act (ProdSG)
  • TÜV NORD 'Type-tested' certification of voluntary commitment to security which exceeds the CE conformity test