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FYLLOFOAM Solution For Cable Trays/ Ladders Rack Penetrations

FYLLOFOAM Solution For Cable Trays/ Ladders Rack Penetrations

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FYLLOFOAM sealing system, is a sealing kit for fire stopping and fire sealing of all types of penetrations, providing fire protection of cables passing through vertical rigid walls.

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FYLLOFYS System provides fire stopping solutions for cable trays/ ladders racks passing through wall cavities and is suitable for use on the following markets:

  • Tunnel construction.
  • Building and construction.
  • Food and process industry.
  • Sandwich constructions.
  • Utilities and telecom companies.
  • Public buildings.


FYLLOFOAM is a newly developed foam rubber solution based on the proven NOFIRNO rubber grade. The foam rubber is used as alternative to mineral wool systems, providing fire rated sealing system for installations where cable trays or cable ladder racks must be passed through the penetration/opening continuously. FYLLOFOAM Rubber sheets/profiles are used to fill any cavities or gaps in the constructions, offering a perfect fire seal for an exceptionally long duration.


In case of oversized wall opening’s, the FYLLOFOAM rubber sheets/profiles will be installed only around and inside the ducted cable tray or ladder rack. The remaining open spaces is then filled with FYLLOFYS boards Which is supplied with FISSIC coating providing a water repellent and prevents water/ moisture absorption


FYLLOFOAM can also be used to provide sealing solution for penetrations in sandwich constructions with an A60/E160-rating. The foam rubber is combined with the HR conduit sleeves or conduit frames. This combination can also be used for B-class penetrations. FYLLOFOAM rubber sheets can be easily cut to size matching the overall thickness of the Penetration/opening. To obtain initial smoke tightness any gaps around the cables could be filled with the FIRAQUA kneadable rubber.

Features and benefits:

  • Based on the Proven NOFIRNO technology.
  • Quick and easy to install in both horizontal and vertical ducts.
  • Tested in accordance with EN 1366-2 for a duration of 4 hours in wall 100 and 150 mm (Classification E240. Depending on wall thickness classification EI 60 for 100 mm walls, and EI 90 for 150 mm walls (cable up to 80 mm).
  • Based on the Proven NOFIRNO technology.
  • Allows cable trays and ladder racks to pass through penetrations / openings continuously without a break.
  • Combinations with FIRAQUA kneadable rubber for initial smoke tightness.
  • Optimized fire safety.

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P12/335 Intumescent foam

P12/36 Intumescent foam

P12/330 Flexible intumescent gap sealer

P12/35 Flexible intumescent gap sealer

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FYLLOFOAM rubber strip.




FIRAQUA kneadable rubber.


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Fyllofoam & Fyllofys Brochure

Fyllofoam & Fyllofys Brochure

Third party certifications

European Technical Approvals

European Technical Approvals

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QA Certificate

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